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Browns’ new coach was a fan first

It is good to have an offensive mind as head coach of the Browns. Maybe they won't be so boring next season. It is also good to have a Brown's fan as head coach. I think this is a good hire. Let's hope so!!!

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Bonnie Beachy’s cancer doesn’t make her a victim

Nice post "olddude." I had a few classes with Rickie (what an athlete he was). I don't remember the other brother. You are exactly right about Bonnie lifting the spirit of our city when Black Friday happened.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that Bonnie could have played with the boys varsity team in her junior year (and we had some good athletes on that team). It's nice to see that Mr. Prest is alive and doing well.

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Bonnie Beachy’s cancer doesn’t make her a victim

Great story about a terrific young lady. I graduated from SHS in 1976. After I graduated, I would come to see Bonnie play because I realized that I would never get to watch a player like her ever again in my lifetime.

My prayers are with you Bonnie. Be strong in knowing that there are a lot of SHS alumni praying for you.

PS: Bonnie, say hello to your brother Rick from all of us back in Struthers.

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Honda's new Accord brings investment, jobs to Ohio

I agree 100% with DaMan, when any car company builds a plant in Ohio or anywhere else in the United States, that puts my neighbors and friends to work. Also, that car company pays taxes on the profits they earn from that plant to the U.S. government. U.S. car companies that have plants in foreign countries don't pay U.S. taxes earned from those plants.

I now drive a Honda Accord made in Marysville, Ohio. I previously drove a Buick Rendezvous for 222,000 miles. However, this "U.S." car was assembled in Mexico. I ask the readers, which car - the Rendezvous or the Accord is more American to buy? I submit that the Accord is more American to buy because my friends and neighbors assembled the car I drive and Honda pays taxes based on the profits earned from the Marysville plant.

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Woman finds autistic son, 7, left alone at Warren day care

My son, Daniel, is autistic and attended great schools in Youngstown (Potential Development and the Leonard Kirtz School). What happened to Ms. Norman's son would never happen at either of these schools. Ms. Norman needs to get her son to another facility. Most likely, her son was terrified and could have been a danger to himself. What happened to Ms. Norman's son is criminal. My heart goes out to Ms. Norman and her son.

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Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dies

I completely agree "Idy." If I pause for a moment I can recall that Mr. Jobs came up with the idea for the personal computer and the mouse. I and my children (now in college) take his inventions for granted because they have become the fabric of our day-to-day lives. Not to worry, I have heard that Apple has inventions in the pipeline that will not be ready to come to market for another 2 or 3 years. Nevertheless, that "beautiful mind" will be sorely missed. May he rest in peace.

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Lordstown’s Chevrolet Cruze turns 1

I have a 2003 Buick Rendezvous and it has 221,000 miles on it and is still going strong. Within the next 12 months I'm going to buy a Cruze. I can't wait. No one is ever going to tell me that GM doesn't make a great car.

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The fair food gods fired me

Todd, great piece and thank you for making me laugh.

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Malmisur defends Tressel

Tea and tky, I agree with you both. However, what would the OSU boosters have said if Coach Tressel would have booted the top 6 (or so) players off the team before the start of last season? I'll bet that the Coach's job would have met the same end as it did on Memorial Day. There is no doubt that Coach took the wrong course when he chose not to disclose what he learned about his star players. However, I can't believe that Coach is the only person who has dirty hands in this story. Why is the OSU athletic department only investigating autos provided to T. Pryor now after Coach resigned. Where were they before this? I think that the NCAA will uncover a systemic problem at OSU that goes back for decades. I expect OSU to get the "death penalty" by the NCAA after its investigation. I believe that Coach fell on the sword to prevent that from possibly happening. Time will see what happens after the NCAA presents its findings in August.

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iPad is game-changer for those with Down syndrome

My son Daniel is autistic. I received an iPad this past Christmas. I used it for a short while until Daniel's old computer died. Daniel began using my iPad, without any help or instruction on my part, and has not given it back since. I can't explain how he knows how to use the various applications, but, he does. He can watch cartoons and movies on the web and he keeps himself busy for hours at a time. In fact, I'm proud to say that my son knows how to use the iPad better than I do. I hope that Daniel and I will participate in the Buddy Walk in August. Good work DSAV and great story.

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