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Did brine well trigger 6 Mahoning Valley earthquakes?

another brine well is currently being drilled near the site of the existing one V&M Star. D&L is petitioning Campbel to drill more. all quakes have been within approximately 1 to 2 miles from each other, all near the brine well at V&M. this isn't rocket science to perform seismic testing. the difficulty is connecting it to the drilling. however, with no previous history of quakes in the area and the close vicinity of their "epicenters" at V&M, one can deduce testing is certainly in order.

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B.J. Alan seeks Austintown land

"this would be a no brainer....probably the best observation and response to the local parochialism ever....great quote dd933

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Sinking into the Red

hey jr99...I think you just tried to describe the derivative markets as was attempted by economists in michael moore's "capitalism..a love story". reorganization, right sizing and consolidation of our area's resources via new forms of government is the only answer and concerned passionate individuals will need to ignite the fires and keep them burning....certainly elected reps have no incentive to change. their job is to "defend and extend" or' if you will, pretend.

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Peace in the Valley?

the pure simple fact is...without the existence of v&m which is located within the corporate limits of YOUNGSTOWN, girard's land would undoubtedly be producing nothing but weeds and remain an environment of hazardous waste. no money to the city nor schools. we should first thank ex mayor ungaro for his generation of north star steel, the "seed" which germinated into this project. we should thank all those who made this happen and for taking the first material step in regional cooperation and sharing.

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Bright spot on campus

so I guess anyone who objects or offers a different opinion is not proud of the university? similat to if you don;t fly the american flag your unpatriotic. I think ANY sign that dominates a skyline like this one is an uneeded obstruction. I think sweet's "persistence" should be focused on more important issues facing our university. the symbolic connection to the community can be furthered with more increased direct involvement and commercial advertisement via "billboard" signage is a true asset to the community is beyond me. "GO PENGUINS"!

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Fire station closings resume in Boardman despite levy OK

i'm getting fed up with politicians repeating how bad things are and we didn't anticipate....well, start anticipating, suck it up and make the hard decisions or quit. don't wait to be voted out and save us the grief. downsize, merge and consolidate. don't think you can continue to go to the public trough.

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9 Valley localities seek grant together

its about time people start thinking about partnering. maybe the terminology should change...instead of using the word regionalism use merging or partnering or whatever. if only our so called township leaders(politicians) can get the picture. now work on the next step of combining safety forces which are all facing funding crisis. merge or die...that's the choice.

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Mayor eyes new residency campaign

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Study prescribes actions to jump-start Valley economy

once again a study which mirrors previous studies. you can go back to the early 70's when the NOUS (northeast ohio urban system) study was developed by a premier urban planning firm suggesting the same direction. krysick's comment is a continuation of the same position weak willed leaders of this community have and will continue to take..... not supporting regionalism of services.

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The show may go on at Youngstown Playhouse

postponing the takes more than a church...I believe the word is leadership. just like the financial institutions, they are leaving the people who lead them into their current condition to remain. artists are not managers.

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