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Pa. parents charged with leaving 4 kids alone

Probably a couple of steeler fans

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GM recalling 1.3M cars

I wonder if GM"s union president and the CEO will have to face a lynch mob congressional commity.Oh wait... it is Government Motors..Just like Geitner and others, they will sweep it under the carpet in the oral... ooops.. oval office. This too was probably Bushes fault..

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Union heads seek stimulus funding for Forum Health

The only reason forum health has not been bought out by a sound finacial institution like The Cleveland Clinic or University Hospital is because of the unions, no hospital system which runs a financially sound orgnization wants anything to do with a union hospital.

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Mayor in D.C.; trying to secure federal funds for Forum

GM+Forum Health. Hmm. Government Motors and Obama Health System, nice ring to it...

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Forum Health nurses have rally to support keeping Forum Health intact

Here we go again, northside hospital is like cement boots to forum health just close it already.

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Visit is first of its kind for Valley

And if we are unfortunate enough to get 8 more years of this, it will still be all Bush's

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Poll: Ohioans back ban on texting while driving

Better yet, why don't we all drive like the idiots do in new jersey on the garden state? Then we won't need an amendment in the health care bill for end of life consiling. Our population problems will take care of themselves.

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Obama in Lordstown

The idea of sub-prime and affordible housing, by forcing banks to make risky loans to losers started in the Carter presidency.

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Obama visit is well-timed boost to Lordstown plant

Are we really surprised that the founder of the new government motors would not come to see his crown jewel lordstown?

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Poll: Ohioans back ban on texting while driving

Try setting your cruize control at the posted speed limit and not talking on a cell phone while driving, it may amuse you to see how much safer the roads will be, oh and finish your beer before getting into the car.

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