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Audit cites Mahoning Dems’ beer buy

I don't always drink beer, but when I do I prefer dos equies.. Stay thirsty my friend's.

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City to do two paving jobs with stimulus money

What ever happened to simple construction signs? Why do we need these huge signs that say"Look at me, I am big daddy government spending all this money from all fortunate to have a job and pay taxes.". Give me a break..

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Ryan foresees only small Democratic losses in the House

Not many republicans have held office in the demacratic stronghold mahoning valley.. May be a reason we have been in such sad shape since 1979. We don't get nothing but smoke blown up our arses because the politicians already know our area is a lock..

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Ryan foresees only small Democratic losses in the House

Well Akorn is disbanning ,and probably gonna re -surface under differant names with governmental back up. I sence voter fraud on the horizon..Hmmm....Maybe congressman Ryan is onto something.

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Warren police retrieve skateboard stolen from teen

Hope, because maybe the media is trying to fabricate threats to our government officials, and maybe incite anger in idiots like yourself, that like to presume things from hear say and rumor, as opposed to facts..

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Two candidates withdraw from races

Maybe DeGenova was in fear That Jimbo will run for the 17th..

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Appeals court rules Lake Milton winery must stop operations

Sotired, just like a real progressive, there are no jobs around so let's support attacking small businesses that are attempting to either provide self reliance for themselves or maybe even provide a job or two, because we all see those jobs pouring into the MV from Obama's stimulus Bill. By the way if no one has jobs, then no taxes can be retrieved, and the great health care promise will be defunct just like medicare is. Smash someone with a bat in the face, sounds so UAW.

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Niles schools will require drug testing for new workers

How about manditory drug testing for all who recieve government assistence or work in government.? After all, they forcibly take money off of hard working americans for assistance or pay through taxes or unconstitutional programs to assist in perpetuating medocracy and the redistrubation of wealth.

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Area Congress members receive threats

Well candystripper. Retiree's payed into something call FICA all their lives with the promise of when they retire certain things like medicare and social security checks would be there when they retire. How would you like it if you put 50 years of money into your savings account and when you were 70 years old the bank says we don't have your money anymore.. sorry..By the way Social security, the opperative word being social. is a government ran system imposed on american people by FDR back in the 30's look it up. Social security is broke and so will be Government health care happy times ahead.

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Area Congress members receive threats

I will find it interesting when, in order to pay for this lovely piece of legislation, the wonderful government will impose an across the board sales tax, like in other countries with government health care, I can't wait to hear all the rants about having to pay more for all goods and food. Kinda like double dipping, income tax increases and more taxes for food and wares. Also, nobody on this post mentioned the lack of resourses in the medical field, from Drs. to nurses, etc. Most Drs. already do not want to take on new medicare pts. because of reimbursement issues, and now there plan is to make cuts in medicare?. Before anyone makes Drs. out to be greedy for not taking medicare pts. Imagine this all you union minded workers,. What if pay day comes after you performed your 2 weeks of procrastanation and low production ,and the man says we are going to pay you, for your work done, but we are only going to pay you 45 ot 60 % of your wage, because you did not cross your t's on a form. Oh and there will be a month or 2 delay on your reimbursesment. This is why many Drs. will not get into primary care and Thus, no resorses for the poor 35 million without insurance.Have a nice time waiting in line for your wonderful government health care. What next? Congress passes a bill forcing people to work in health care against their will?. Another question,> Is it robbery if you have 200 dollars on you and you go to a resturant tonite, and I only have 50, and someone takes 75 dollars off of you to give to me because it seems fair for me to have the same chance at a good meal like you have?.

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