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Gun-toting felon gets 10 years in federal prison

Must have been waiting for a war....smh!

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Family makes arrangements while police still have no suspect

I agree police are looking in all the wrong places. Plus her mother wants her body cremated. If that happens any evidence that got over looked from the body will be gone forever. She is a human being and no stone should be unturned. It doesn't take an Einstein to figure out how she got to Grove City...? Go in and out of every apt and leave no stone unturned. This person may still be living in that complex and will strick again after the dust settles. Compass West is a very unstable place and I would hold owns responsible for not making it a safe place for low income families to live.

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Developer, officials say Youngstown needs a hotel downtown

There was a beautiful hotel in Youngstown. The Wick Pollock Inn. The owners never wanted to upgrade property. The type of ppl that aplied for jobs were uneducated, criminals, and drunks due to poor wages and benefits. Parking was also a very big issue. Groups that came in with shows took up alot of space and did a lot of damage to hotel. Good luck. Area downtown has alot of negative about it. Also way to much politics going on.

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Former child care center owners sue diocese

The church acted responsibly on behalf of the children it's ashame that a person would jeopardizing others well being. No one can predict the future when it comes to any kind of criminals. Don't care who the hurt or how. And Atty. Engler what a hypocrite you are.

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UPDATE | Aubrey Toney tells jurors he is innocent

Innocent...really! Hahahaha

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Youngstown police, humane agents looking for puppy killer

HOW cruel people are. No respect for animals or people.

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Nursing home writer

What a great story. Going to download on my kindle.

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Mom of gang suspect: ‘There is no E Block Gang’

Smh.... if he goes to jail no more money for mamma! Its ashame the FBI task force is always arresting innocent! What can drugs and a few high power guns do? Buy mamma a big screen tv and some clothes from the mall. Maybe a weave and a few wigs...nails plus pedicure. Sorry for your lose......

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Remains of Pfc. James R. Holmes identified 63 years after his death deepest sympathy to your family. He served our country and deserves so much from the american ppl. Ty for protecting us.....amen

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Youngstown gang suspects arraigned; mom of 2 alleges police brutality

Mrs. Wilson....the task force dont knock. Your just as guilty as your boys are. Your mad because you wont be getting any free dope or cash. Your meal tickets are locked up. Just friends hanging out with some powerful guns and dope. Okay if you say so. I moved from the westside to a far better and safer place. Good job YPD!

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