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$1.37M to go to police in region

sp correction, "Stimulus" Act

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$1.37M to go to police in region

Tugboat, the Stimulis Act specifically allows for the funds to be used to retain officers. Look it up before you offer off-based oberservations.

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A Youngstown property owner's lament

Bertam what do you mean "if the city isn't careful"? Stop blaming every economic ill on the City. The school levy was not a function of city goverment. The current administration did not rais the income tax.

Do you ever have anything good to say about Youngstown?

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Black vs. black in the mayor's race? Not likely

Betram missed the mark on this one. I live on the Westside and I can tell you that Jay Williams will have a good deal of supoprt in the 4th and 5th Ward over Bush or even a White candidate.

Williams is not without his faults but folks in my neck of the woods and others that I know are strongly behind him.

I'm fairly certain Mayor Williams would win even if there were two blacks and one white candidate in the race. As the incumbent with crossover appreal and a decent track record he will be difficult to beat. In my opionion he has earned another term and a lot of folks I talk to tend to agree.

Others will surely dispute this, but I say he wins with over 60% of the vote.

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Former AG says the Ohio inspector general has a ‘clear bias’ against him

Wait a minute, don't put this crap on Youngstown. This was about Marc Dann and his cronies. None of them lived in Youngstown. None of this happened in Youngstown. Youngstown may have its issues like all cities do, but this atrocity was not about Youngstown so lets keep that straight.

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Forbes’ slam should trigger dialogue

Ain't dat da truth?

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