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2 drown in Valley lakes over weekend; boy rescued

To the comment above mine and to Melissa Allison"EMT". I am the boat that was on site with the depth sounder that Mr. Rosato yelled to for help. After reading this story I can feel my blood pressure begin to boil. A friend of mine and I were meeting an of duty sheriff and his family for an afternoon of fun on the lake when we noticed commotion from the are where this poor man drown. After we figured out what was going on we started searching. We were in the water for more than an hour and NEVER saw one rescue diver in the water or on shore. The men and women who helped search for this ma should be commended not chastised as " FREE DIVERS" The "free divers found him. And so you know a lot of them were off duty men in uniform. How dare you say you were trying to be safe, even after this man was in life flight (over an hour) your divers were nowhere to be found. Last year a van sank at the same lake and the divers were there in 20 minutes. Whats wrong with this picture? And to you commander David Brown you say " doesn’t know what first responders did." well maybe if you were on seen like the off duty men and women were and the on duty sheriff at the campground ad the sheriff patrol boat you would have known. We saw something on the depth sounder within 5 minutes and that's were this man was found. it may have taken us an hour to find him but if we waited for your derelicts to show up, this poor man would have been in the water for more than 2 hours. SHAME ON YOU AND MISS Allison. yes we took risks but we found him. And no thanks to the Portage County Water Rescue Team

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