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Texas congressman yelled 'baby killer' at Democrat

We are seeing it again, something as important as Health Care makes advances into the 21st Century and Stone age Republicans continue to fail to support it. Big Corporations and Insurance CEO's love you Cronies. Glad I am a Democrat and proud of the steps made to stop the gouging of the Unites States. I hope big Banks and Immigration are next.

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Browns trade Quinn for a fullback, draft pick

Does one Super Bowl and and a almost make u a genuis? To turn the Brownies around it is going to take more than Delhomo. Go Steelers

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18-year-old arrested tonight in murder of elderly St. Dom's parishioner

The lady was leaving church, gunned down for no reason. What reason could the guy have. The money, the jewelry, this is one that better not get away. If he is involved in a gang they are in the know of what he was planning. The leads were made along time ago in the guys life. Mother of Mercy find our weakness and heal these sorry children before this tragedy is repeated. In a situation like this I got no answers just prayer. A complete loss for mankind. How long before the straw is laid on the back of America, with horrors like this happening around the country constantly?

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Is anyone angry over manufacturing industry’s demise?

We have some choice now but We all need to be selective for American Products, ever heard that before? Stay the course and we can be united again.

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Jets beat Bengals in AFC Wild Card game

The steelers are out and have been, Steelers fans can say (next Year)

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Nigerian charged with attempt on airliner; his father warned U.S. about him

How is it that this is Obama's fault? I imagine all the problems are laid in his lap. I hope sooner or later everyone realizes this is not going to stop. Does anyone really think there is end to the fanatical religious terrorist. Security breaches in another country, is Obamas fault< Get real, fanatical Republican's, try and help get Health Care Reformed, Bank Reform, Immigration Reform that The Man is actually getting into, not just talking about. Give help where u can.

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Rep. La Tourette's remarks on tonight's passage of the health reform bill

What middle class? the Republicans have pecked away at that till there is not a middle class. Don't vote for anymore lobbyist cronnies. What? fall for more trickle down bull. While they load up to send jobs to the port for shipping

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Rep. charlie Wilson's remarks on tonight's passage of the health reform bill

corporate America has had nothing to do with the ecomomy going bad and sounds like u folks are content with a Health care system that favors a few and takes from everyone. I am not surprised anymore. The greed and selfishness of people used to.

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Another terrorist suspect arrested in Dallas

The evil empire is invisable but here. If these nuts get a start who knows what we are going into. Marshal Law, anarchy, truely scary stuff. I beleive this is great work by the agents and agency's invovled. Kinda sprung a trap but these enemies should pay extremely hard punishment, this is war.

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What should Jim Traficant do when he returns?

I watched the trail and I still think he got railroaded.. Whole lot truth to what I read, The Good Congressmen said at His dinner. I know, Die Hard, Conservative Republicans that Respect what he's done for His District in the hardest of Situations. God Bless someone with Balls.

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