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Racial intolerance continues to raise its ugly head

This is a great, well-balanced column.
Most of the readers responding couldn't have actually read it. Their knee-jerk reactions prove Ernie's point.

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Dear Oprah, why do you want to kill newspapers?

Who is more responsible for exposing corruption, a reporter or a member of law enforcement? Who has the ability to seek a subpoena or a search warrant, a reporter or a member of law enforcement? Which is less likely to get sued if he makes a mistake? So, tnm, why lay the onus on the newspaper? Who did you expose during your law enforcement career? You were even invited above by Mr. Sweetwood to name some names that you claim "most of us know." Did you? It seems that all you do is whine about how bad everyone else is at performing up to your high expectations. You've been invited to step up to the plate: swing away.

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