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YSU’s future is bleak

Can anyone explain to me why these people are being hired back? Don't these jobs have to be advertised?

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All public employees must pay

Right on steelhead, Cowboyfan and badeepster! Bertram needs to get his facts straight on this issue. He reports only one side and focuses on the small percentage of cases where school superintendents are rehired and double dipping. Truth is most public retirees are not collecting huge pensions and as you all point out, they EARNED what they are getting. And what they earned and should rightfully be getting in Social Security, they will never see.

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‘It is inhumane’ || VIDEO

Well said sotired, FairandEqual and iBuck. This is pure bs. The salaried workers earned these pensions and GM and Delphi should have to live up to their obligations regardless of union or nonunion status of individual retirees. I'm with you Walter and Silence, no more GM products for me.

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At YSU, greed is celebrated

Yes, AlwaysRIght, I have seen the resumes and vitae of faculty and staff at YSU. I agree with you that we are fortunate to have many talented faculty and staff and we produce high caliber graduates. I also agree that there shouldn't be an automatic connection between being public and being poorly paid. And I agree with you that the faculty and staff should be well paid. But not ridiculously overpaid. There is a list circulating on campus of the yearly salaries of some ACE members. Many administrative assistants are now making $60,000 - $70,000+ while the assistant and associate directors who supervise them are making much less. Some staff in computer services are over $100,000 and the nurse in Student Health is at $90,000+. (And this does not include their big enrollment bonuses.) For the most part, these are positions that don't require a degree. But check YSU's website and see they are advertising for a Research Scientist at less than $45,000. A bachelor's degree is required but they prefer someone with a Master's or PhD. How crazy is that? The salary scales are so out of line now due to the last ACE contract. All those responsible for negotiating that contract are inept.

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Renovations to charitable dining hall in Youngstown fulfill a dream

This truly is a blessing. May God continue to watch over all those involved in keeping St. Vincent DePaul society a viable organization for helping all those in need in our community.

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At YSU, greed is celebrated

AlwaysRight, you are right that YSU is a wonderful institution and one that all of us in this valley should be proud of. And you're right that the administrators, faculty and staff should be well paid. But YSU is a public institution and the public has every right to question what is going on there. And unfortunately, there are too many things going on there that are not right. There is immense waste especially in the form of excessive salaries. Totally inept management that if not put in check soon could be the undoing of this 'beacon of hope for the valley".

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Concierge service at YSU?

crlbk1052, I too believe those people are innocent until proven guilty and I also agree with you and Candy and oppose the retire/rehire pradtice. But I also know that just as you say you hope Dr. A has a better understad of labor, some of the prior union leaders need to also have a better understanding of labor and realize it is not always all about them. They need to really work hard and in a cooperative and collegial way with Dr. A's team to make YSU a better place for all. And by the way, I disagree totally with your last comment. If the higher ups were running YSU like a fortune 500 company, they would not tolerate some of the crap and waste that goes on there because they would have a bottom line to be concerned about and stockholders to answer to.

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YSU workers to get raises & more

Well said WhatAreYouAfraidOf.

So much energy and money are wasted at YSU. Let's hope for the best with Dr. Anderson's administration.

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Concierge service at YSU?

Candy, your comments are right on target. Most ACE employees are hard working individuals committed to doing their best for our students. But SHAME on some of the past 'leaders' of ACE, they have given that union a black eye. They are grossly overpaid. A nurse (ACE employee) in Student Health making over $100,000 per year??? That is truly disgusting. The problem is Dr. Sweet's administration was too weak and grossly incompetent to deal with the unions. By kissing the butts of ACE for so long they have skewed the salary system so badly that they had to make it up to those hard working mid level managers (assistant directors, etc) who now are so underpaid when compared with ACE. Hopefully, Dr. A will show herself to be a strong leader when dealing with this mess.

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Youngstown schools plan to chop 18 positions

Maggie, I agree totally with your post. It is NOT the teachers' fault (with a few exceptions). It is definitely parenting and that's a real shame.
UnionForever, I am flabergasted by your post. Where is your support for your union brothers and sisters??

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