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Ohio 1st in US to sell prison to private company

Sorry, but policing is one of the few actual intended purposes of government.

Selling governments responsibility to some random slave type company is deplorable.

The State of Ohio should sell the governor's mansion and all the affiliated valuables they are sitting on, first.

Then it should look to outsource to private industry all the non-essential government services - namely social programs and social related ilk.

What's next? Outsourcing the state police to Pinkerton?

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Hagan wants to drug test legislators

You are right @300 about the tax abatements.

AT&T just was in the news for their T-Mobile buyout that the feds denied due to anti-trust matters.

AT&T, they whip out the we'll bring back jobs card - like 5000 of them --- from OVERSEAS.

All these big mega corps that love taxpayer funded slush money seem to also have a propensity towards sending more and more jobs to 3rd world countries.

They also seem to all be engaged in money laundering to avoid taxation also.

Time to punch BIG FAT corporate greed in the wallet and issue them all some prison blues.

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YOUNGSTOWN SCHOOLS Hathorn ‘pulls plug’ on two principals

Connie Hathorn seems to be a on good roll now.

Unsure if the basis truly exists to fire these folks however. Very shaky and somewhat arbitrary stuff. Were these folks put on probationary type notice and messed up multiple times? Doesn't seem like it.

Youngstown should expect two lawsuits from the aggrieved to follow.

It's going to take quite a bit more than firing folks to change the district.

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Youngstown police officer cleared in shooting at man, gets reprimand

He should have aimed for the heart. Or alternatively, issued a limb shot.

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Bill would require drug testing to receive public aid

Screw the drug testing.

These non productive (often) folks can pick their check up at the office after work on Friday.

There should be no free handouts, unless their mother, father, brother, sister, or friend or neighbor is giving such to them.

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Hagan wants to drug test legislators

Drug test elected politicians? For once I agree with something Hagan said.

Too bad Hagan is promoting this idea just as a little protest to drug testing his welfare recipient base...

Sure. It sounds like a good idea. These are after all the same fools voting to inflict such intrusions upon other folks.

Make sure we drug test police and affiliated agents, detectives, etc.

As far as testing public beneficiaries (welfare) as opposed to others. It's really apples vs. oranges comparison.

A welfare recipient is getting a handout that is 100% of their monthly income. They typically aren't working, aren't feeding themselves, not paying for housing, etc.

/ How about every farmer who receives subsidies? Every executive at any company that receives a tax abatement? All religious leaders whose churches or non-profits aren't taxed? All mortgage owners who write their interest off their taxes? /

We shouldn't be paying farmers subsidies. It's a corrupt and broken program. It smells just like welfare to me.

Tax abatement recipients? They provide taxable income, jobs, other contributions. Abatements are often done purely to create jobs in localities. So not the same at all.

Religious leaders? We didn't have 501(c)whatevers prior to 1950's. People donated money because the church and other non profit types were deeply rooted in their faith and community. We enacted 501(c)whatever because modern detached citizens absent a tax deduction 95%+ of them wouldn't give a dime to such.

Mortgage deductions? Malformed bad idea to float the entire housing mortgage scam industry. Problem doing away with such or lumping such in here is absent the deduction for mortgages, the real estate industry would crash even worse and have big negative implications on economy.

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Mahoning County challenges pharmacist’s early release from probation

6 months on probation only so far?

Now this fool wants off probation?

They ought to put his butt in jail along with his lawyer(s) for wasting the court's resources and being a mockery to justice.

Oh yeah, this is Mahoning County... They let killers outside with no bond required... Expect this drug dealer to be sprung from supervision.

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$10 million bail set for man who allegedly held worker in a box

Strange Asian dating ritual?

This is right up there with those weirdos that dress up like real animals and simulate sex with each other, ahh furies.

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South Side cleanup set for Saturday

Is this going to be a weekly volunteer effort until the snow comes?

Continue the push folks.

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Discrimination suit against Macejko to proceed

/ Disclaimer: Personally, my wife dealt with Attorney Ally when her son got lead poisoning from the negligence of a Ytown slumlord. /

Are you / your wife sure your son got lead poisoning because of the slumlord?

You have to eat quite a bit of lead paint to accomplish such.

It's way more probable that the cause of the lead poisoning.

As you can see from Ytown's water report:

Lead (ug/l)
15 AL
Household Plumbing Corrosion


That's lead in the public water supply. The concentration in an old house is much higher.

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