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Demolitions costly to Trumbull Co.

Whats a stumack? Bam Bam have you ever dealt with the nazi health department? Finally an elected official speaks the truth. You can't update a system only install a new one. When your 7 neighbors sell their houses you will be ecstatic when the new owners update with one of those concrete property enhancements that just add a bundle of money to yours and their property value.NOT. If the lot is big enough they will leach it into the yard and you will still smell it. Then if they decide to run city sewage down your road be prepared to re-mortgage your house because you WILL have to tie into it at about $1,000 a foot. I guess your system is the only one up to date.

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Mexican killed in Border Patrol clash to be buried

Every Border Patrol agent is stunned with a tazer before the are put into the field. These ILLEGALS should not have resisted and this would not have happened. You people that support these people coming in move to the southwest and give them your compassion. Word on the streets of Phoenix is if you think American street gangs are bad the Mexican gangs that are in this country make them look like the cub scouts. So what are we as a country to do?

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Columbus mayor bans city travel to Arizona

We are all ancestors of immigrants some legal some illegal but this is a different time and world. With so many wanting to do harm to Americans we as a country need to filter out suspected illegal's Hey go through what all of our legal ancestors went through and we will welcome you with open arms, come in illegally and we send you back, very simple. Most people that oppose this law have their heads in the sand the U.S. border with Mexico is 2200 miles long it is a 24/7 365 job patrolling it. Its the equivalent of driving from Youngstown to Phoenix Arizona how many illegals do you think could pour into this country daily? We are not just talking Mexicans, any countries illegals can cross over. Arizona is being invaded and I don't blame them for wanting to quell the tide. Why would any legal American oppose this?

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City toughens laws on snowmobiles, 4-wheelers

Wow I have read so much about the problem Youngstown has had with this issue, NOT!!

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Little League coach in Ohio arrested in fracas

How can it be a championship game when kids are still in school??

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13 attorneys general sue over health-care overhaul

940 BILLION!!!! Where is the money coming from??? Every venture the government has its hand in is broke.

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U.S. representatives from Mahoning Valley praise passage of historic bill

Penguin who is WE is it We the people or a just a select few?

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U.S. representatives from Mahoning Valley praise passage of historic bill

Von I was going to say nasa was one success I had thought about but it to has had its failures. None of these are profitable the government has never made a profit on anything because they don't have to its your money not theirs and we just blindly keep giving it to them with no accountability. If politicians would run this country like a business we would be in much better shape, I'm a business person and if I can't afford to do something I hold off until I'm in a position to afford it. I have to make do with what I have not blindly borrow and do it with no certainty of success. We as business people have to struggle everyday with government bureaucracy that can put us under with one non-compliance issue. They hold you and I accountable but nobody holds them accountable. This country just spent billions bailing out banks and now 940 billion on health care where in the name of Jesus are they getting the money?

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U.S. representatives from Mahoning Valley praise passage of historic bill

For those of you that feel this is such a great victory please I implore you give us 1 just one example of anything the government has its hand in that is remotely profitable or successful. Just 1 I'll wait.

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U.S. representatives from Mahoning Valley praise passage of historic bill

How can you say they are not out of touch with there constituents when AMERICANS overwhelmingly were against this bill!!!

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