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Mooney routs Northwest, Steubenville next

Let's go Cards! Keep working hard in the classroom and on the field!

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Leaders bash bill to boost vouchers


I read through all of your 17 reasons of what public education has done to lead to innovations and measure continuous improvement.

All of these reasons are real, but I fail to see how the private sector would not have come up the same guidelines, if not better.

Providing a voucher would give people the CHOICE of where to send their child. The vouchers will provide competition to the monopoly of the taxpayer funded public school structure we are provided.

I never said I want the government in any school. I agreed busing and services are provided by the government at private schools. I want people to be able to use their tax dollars (if they are forced to pay property taxes to educate people), to have a say where their money goes.

I want to see less bureaucrats everyhere. Less administrators, less staff, less unions.

COMPETITION always leads to a better product. It will make your already great public schools better. One example is in Florda:

It appears you suppor the union controlled, government does it best environment that you have always known. I am advocating more freed and liberty for everyone. I feel results in every non-government controlled sector thrive, improve, and make our lives better.

Meagain, yes, CEOs of charter school could charge more. And kids can be turned away. Just like how people do not get a job everywhere they apply. But if the market is free, and new providers are allowed to enter the education market, people will have options.

Have a great day! I enjoy hearing others views.

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Leaders bash bill to boost vouchers


Yes, I did make the analogy about cell phones, and you tried to disprove the fact that when the government is not involved in a sector, innovation flourishes and prices drop. I did not foist anything on you, it was your inability to disprove this fact that made you look wrong.

Are you aware of how many parochial schools offer AP classes? Utilize computers and software as teaching tools? Adapted to block scheduling that reflects more on a College structure? Until you research what schools are doing, it would be best not to put forth that argument.

What determines "continuous improvement" in your book? Awards from the State? Also, if they are continuously improving, why do they need more money? I am confused how more money will lead to better results, as we already showed that a product like a cell phone can drop in price, and still be an improved product.

Agreed, church schools receive govt assistance through busing and aux services. No argument there.

You have me misconstrued. I don't want the government involved in Education at all! I want it to be open and free, and let parents choose wthere to send their kids.

If you want to support public schools, no one is stopping people from donating to their schools in their district. In fact, if this bill passes, I am sure the superintendents would gladly take donations to make up for any students "leaving" their district.

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Leaders bash bill to boost vouchers

Parochial/Christian schools, yes, would benefit from this measure. Shouldn't people have a say where their tax dollars are going? The Ohio State Supreme court has ruled the way schools are funded in Ohio are unconstitutional, yet, no school district is standing up to uphold that ruling.

You took the wrong path when comparing cell phone options compared to marketplace improvements. When the government is not involved in a sector, there are less barriers of entry. With the cell phone, we have great progressed in quality and improvements in a very short time. The focus should be on the improvement of a product or service and the ability for a customer to make his or her own selection. With the current government controlled education system, innovation and adaptation is suffocated.

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Leaders bash bill to boost vouchers

When has more money ever been the solution? If school districts are educating their students well, great! If school districts say they need more money to educate students, NOT great! Take, for example, the new iPhone. It does loads more than what the original iPhone did, and costs substantially less. Should people pay more to apple because their product is 'effective'?

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Leaders bash bill to boost vouchers

The author(s) of this article fail to objectively looking at this issue. Only one supporter of this bill was interviewed. Of course public school education officials are for this bill, they would get less money to spend! Look at this basis of 'unfairness'. Public schools get money from the state from hundreds of students in their district who do not attend their schools. Got that? Free money. It was funny that school districts (like Austintown) think it is not a 'level playing field', when they have an open enrollment program. Got that? A program that enrolls students from other school districts that lose the student and money.

To the above poster, this is not an assault on the public education system. This is a shift in the role government plays in our lives. The government does not 'compete' in the fields of cell phones, computers, shoes... and in all those fields, products are improved and lowered in price constantly. In government run 'areas', we are told the state has to provide the service.

I encourage readers to view what role government should play in our lives. Our liberty and freedom was created to combat an opressive government...

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Mahoning commissioners oppose bill to privatize Ohio Turnpike

right on UnionForever!

The turnpikes were built and originally meant to be sold...but the unions and politicians got in the way! Privatize everything! The government should not be in the business of business.

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Many city students score better than those who fled

Do you realize how small of a sample size of EDchoice students are compared to the entire city school population? it's not apples to apples...

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Expansion of school vouchers in Ohio fails on many fronts

Competition leads to success. Giving people more say in their tax dollars is a right. Public schools are funded unconstitutionally in Ohio!

Vote Yes on HB 136!

P.S. Why would they only quote a representative from the Jewish community about separation of state? I am pretty sure people can open a school based in Jewish beliefs if they wanted to...

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Hubbard schools’ campus to house all students together

The Ohio State Supreme court ruled that the way Ohio Public schools are funded is unconstitutional! Yet, this is how 56 million dollars is spent. You can build the nicest schools, but it still will not create future leaders. The government should get out of schools and let students choose where to send their kids...

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