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Woman accused of stealing thousands from Boardman auto dealership

For PWifeWing- No she is not a relation to Phil Chance Jr. Or our family. There are other people out there with the same last name......

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Driver shot by cop in struggle

I am the wife of officer Phil Chance Jr. Let me start off by saying"my husband got his job all by himself, he worked very hard to get where he is today". His fathers passed has nothing to do with him or what kind of cop he is. The only thing they have in common is, they were/are good cops. I have been with my husband for sixteen years, married for nine, he is a good person. He loves his job and does it to the best of his ability. Do you think he really wanted to have to shoot someone let alone a young kid. He is also a swat memebr and he has had plenty of chances to shoot someone on raids if he wanted to. he is not trigger happy. He chose to come home to me and our children, instead of lay down and let someone take his life. Some of you that are bashing him have no clue. He did not sghoot corey for loud music. He shot him because corey was dragging him and he was going to get sucked up under the car. That ishis job to protect and serve and he does it well, if corey would not have hit him, he would have hit someone else, he chose him instead. He is my hero, our kids hero, and should be thought of as youngstowns hero not because he shot someone because he puts his life on the line everyday. As a mother i can onlty imagine was corey's mother is going thru. In no way am i being insensitive to the family, but Corey was wrong, he was 18 out drinking, did not respect a police officers request to just turn down the music, instead he made a wrond, careless choice because he was drunck and we know for a fact he was, and now is paying the price. MY HUSBAND GOT IN AN ALTERCATION WITH COREY AFTER THE FIGHT WAS BROKE UP AT PAL JOEYS. tHEY WERE CLEARING PEOPLE OUT OF THE PARKING LOT. SO FOR YOU PEOPLE THAT SAY"HE IS WAS MORE CONCERNED WITH THE MUSIC THEN THE FIGHT, GET YOUR FACTS CORRECT".The fight was over. I listen to the scanner every night my husband is out, and i heard the whole call go out , and let me tell you people who think they know what their talking about, it is not a good feeling wondering on the edge of your seet if your husband is gouing to make it out of this situation and come home..... So please do not judge if you do not know all of the facts. ..

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