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Marine dad keeps watch over Austintown Elementary

Kurtw. You are helping make the guys point.

Our military, is not to be used as armed guards against our own people. Even if it is against nut jobs who do harm in schools. I know, you'll go on as some other sheeple are thinking, "Oh we should do this, Why spend the money on troops overseas in other countries" Ah, hate to tell you we are in a financial crisis here. so cant afford this. And our military is not the way to accomplish safeguarding our schools. Whats next, we guard everywhere in the U.S.like the places you spoke of? Hell, folks complain over the TSA at airports, you sure you want this? Again this would be another step like what a certain country did in the 1930's. Do you need to guess who this was?

Hence the point, Military members have been directed since day one not to make a statement such as this, not in a uniform. Retired or not. We are not political pieces to be used, party against party, or in any arena where we need to pick a side or appear to be. We only have 1 side, defending this country! I do not expect you to understand, but I do. I realized it everytime I watched the look in my families eyes as I boarded some bus to defend this country and thought this could be the last time I see them. We only serve this cause and we are willing to give our lives for it, period!

You also should keep in mind that the gunny, who is not stan no matter how much you think it is, IS deployed defending our freedom. He is in harms way right now. Take that stress and add in having to see someone blatantly disreguard thought into thier actions, and i definitly see his frustration. Do not make a statement for others, which is what Mr Skok inadvertantly did, without reguard to consequences of actions. Besides, to the folks here who have supported this fellow, have you followed his example? That was part of his "Point". I am going to say no.

January 31, 2013 at 7:26 a.m. suggest removal

Marine dad keeps watch over Austintown Elementary

25 yrs, so than you should know why he said what he did. What was said was spot on.
Your post is only a step above the guy before yours who recycled his smart comment from an earlier post a few months ago. How original.

I could do the same to you, but it is clear you don't get it and are caught up in the armchair politics

As for the gunny and your pulling support, sleep well tonight. He is in harms way so you can. He is out there and took the time to do and say what is right so our military can protect your freedom. Even if it's the freedom to post what you did.

January 29, 2013 at 7:57 p.m. suggest removal

Marine dad keeps watch over Austintown Elementary

To all the others who have posted here, I am sorry you have been brought into this. We can argue this out all day, and inevitably it will turn to gun control, foreign policy, wasted tax dollars, etc.

I would like to assure you all that those who serve have not forgotten who we protect and why. But we have rules, these rules guide us and help us bring everyone home from the fight. Since this tragedy, there have been individuals who have done the same thing as Mr Skok. Regretfully, not all have been what they said they were. We are all educated on what is right and wrong on how we present ourselves in these types of events. Something Mr Skok undoubtedly knows. We do this so that our forces are not seen and used as political tools. WE SERVE YOU! We are here to protect you.

I feel Mr Skok's concern and all of yours, I have a child that soon will go to High School and I worry everyday. And I volunteer with school children every chance I get, because they need a postiive example. But this is just not the right way to get this solved.

January 28, 2013 at 1:52 p.m. suggest removal

Marine dad keeps watch over Austintown Elementary

Unbelieveable! I guess we will have to read between the lines and get to the real point someone is trying to make. You took a very admirable thing and politicised it. As stated above, and I will quote "Just want to make a point, and changes to our schools security. I will never stop serving this country, what I feel is right for my Country, Community, and God. I don't want to disrespect my Marine brothers, but like we all learned Mission comes first! This is my mission!' end quote. Mr Skok, your mission! You are retired, you feel this is your mission, you as a Marine were not tasked with this job. We are not tasked with this duty, no matter how admirable and important as our precious children are. If we were, we would be a hair away from a police state! And by wearing a uniform you are including all of us. you may not want to disrespect us, but you have!

You also state that their are plenty of vets who could and should be hired to do this. If this was all about the security of the schools and the children, then why make the gesture the way you did. Would it not be better to go down to the school board and inquire, press our elected leaders for an answer. Or just show up and be an example by volunteering. Unless you were trying to make an example, IN YOUR OPINION, that by showing up in uniform you could shed some light on how vets could make a difference and that our govt should step in. This was a political move, and all about you. The very reason that every man and woman who currently serves do not wear a uniform when taking part in activities such as this. You may be honorable in your reasons, but have let everyone you left behind down in the process.

I am saddened over the loss of the children in school shootings, over how little has been done, and the "dog chasing its tail" version of gun control. And yes, there are many vets who would line up to do a job such as this, I will soon be one of those vets. But I am sickened almost as much as how you took this upon yourself to bring this institution into YOUR version of a political battle. You want to call the gunny out, well I'll vouch for him, I know where he is and what he is doing. But Mr Skok, you are wrong. Partner, if I were you, I would back down now over this and just continue to volunteer and be there for the children. The uniform does not make the man. 2 wrongs will not make this right.

January 28, 2013 at 1:36 p.m. suggest removal

Marine dad keeps watch over Austintown Elementary

To the fellow who gave examples of other famous military members wearing a uniform after thier service, when did Custer wear his? I thought the Battle of porbably was his last time.

Staff Sergeant, your heart is in the right place, but you have went about this wrong. Those of us still out here, just like you once were, may understand what you are doing but not in this manner. We have rules to follow, and the uniform is not what makes us who we are or what we are capable of doing. You are 1 of at least 3 of our fellow brothers who have done this same thing. 1 wearing your rank in Cali, a rank he never wore. And our leadership has told us that putting ourselves out there in this way is incorrect. You want to volunteer to protect a school, fine. But not wearing our uniform.

Doing things such as this, we tread a fine line, one that once it is crossed we cannot cross back over. You need to remember that America does not need us, they want us. And all it would take is for some of us to inject our personal interpretations of our rules, and get into some trouble. You spoke of making an example of the Gunny, SSgt you made an example of yourself. I applaud you for protecting your children and the children of others. But I would do it in another way.

January 28, 2013 at 7:45 a.m. suggest removal

Pavlik tops Lopez

That a little before my time. I was a kid in the 80's. I was lucky to be able to catch ray or harry's fights on the old CBS or ABC sat afternoon fights. And of course the HBO Bramble vs mancini fights, Camacho vs Mancini, and Haugen Vs Mancini. I remember wanting to go to a golden gloves event in cleveland but i'm sure it was no place for an 8-9 yr old at the time.

But as I grew up and football lost its appeal boxing interested me more. I've met most of the guys you and I have mentioned. And trained under one.

Boxing just turned out to not be one thing I was dedicated to as a participant. Hitting guys is wonderful, its getting hit back that sucks. So stuck as fan I'll be. And there is no way anyone from Ytown could deny the connection this town has with boxing. There were a few from back in the 40's to 60's that weren't too bad either. But boxing had some different dynamics to it.

May 12, 2011 at 7:43 p.m. suggest removal

Pavlik tops Lopez

So where is the example in all of this? Here is a regular kid, who went to the average high school (No Mooney or Ursuline.), set his sights on something, worked hard and achieved it. He did not make excuses that it was too hard and give up as many young kids do today. And even if he doesn't win another title, did he really fail? When so many of us are still in ytown making excuses, and wondering when the next big break is going to fall in our laps. Sorry the mills aren't coming back, no one will be waiting at your graduation ceremony from HS or YSU with a job. Life in ytown is what you make it. You either work hard and find something legit than work hard at it, get out and make something of yourself, or stay there making excuses saying that the town is holding you down.

His personal life is not our buisness, no one made us god to pass judgement. If it was really a problem, than the least we could do is show our support for someone who supported us because he wanted to. He cannot do it alone, and the negative support certainly doesn't help and does not reflect positively on the valley and what our parents and grandparents instilled in the children of Ytown years ago.

May 12, 2011 at 12:24 p.m. suggest removal

Pavlik tops Lopez

Did not know Clarett got busted? Wow. He took his draft status with Denver, blew the pick, went to jail, served his time, and last year was picked up by the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL.

And I am not worried that another champ will come out of Ytown. Hell we've done pretty good so far. I cannot think of another city with this many champs, especially ones who's identities are so closely linked to the community.

However, as for him being an example, I honestly feel he has been a good one, and in many ways better.

First off, have the others been in trouble? Who knows, they dropped off the face of the earth, and in a totally different issue 2 of them never recieved the credit they deserved. Who's to blame? I ain't touching that one, buy it was wrong.

But there is something, where are they? I grew up with these guys as someone I looked up to. I watched thier fights, looked for any articles. Ray left town, Harry is still there and works with young fighters, and no clue on the other guys. But I do not remember them doing golf tournamnets, community runs, visiting hospitals or sick kids, or parades. All things Kelly did, and not because he was told to, but because he wanted to. No one ever said that this was part of the job.

And as for actions, most of this opinion on this guy comes from folks who either were not there, heard from someone who knows someone, or WERE in on it all. I take issue with this.

He is human and deserves to have a life.
If he went to rehab as it has been reported, than good for him. I did it and it is no easy task. Over 10 years later and there are times I want a drink. So he is just like any one of us in this aspect. But I don't see anyone getting on vindy speaking of John Doe from the south side pissing on a street corner cause he had a few too many.

But at least he isn't just a poster for this community. Meaning, just a face who hasn't contributed. You stated he couldn't handle the pressure. Well if that is so, it is the pressure we have put on him. The pressure of critical "Fans, and I use that term loosly here." who throw out either unsubstanciated claims they know nothing about. (You live in cicny, When did you see him in a drunken state? You said it. But even with you admitting it, it is done and you are not alone.) or folks who claim to have been there or heard something who fail to included their part in the story. (Were right there with him, invited him out, took part in all the merriment, then come home and have a morality check. Sorry but I HAVE SEEN THIS PERSONALLY. And it is wrong.)

May 12, 2011 at 12:22 p.m. suggest removal

Pavlik tops Lopez

As for touching a nerve with me, sorry but it will take alot more than you can post here to shake me up. I'm not defending him because i think I know boxing, I'm just a fan who watches alot. I do take issue with folks sticking their nose in business that isn't theirs, getting personal with a guy they do not know, and overall promoting and continuing this ytown "woe is me, so lets criticize this guy so that I can feel better" attitude.

I do this for me, I do this to stick up for a regular guy who tried to do something good for our town, and my home itself. So we can continue to post. I will continue to counterpoint and bring fact if I can. But know that I won't make stuff up, take cheap shot drunk comments, and I will enjoy countering anyone who just seems to like to continue this piss poor ytown attitude. I also noticed that in your reply's you didn't deny much of what I said? again suspect. Or is it, exposed.

Also, you stated look at Lopez's record. Well who had Sturm fought by his 20th win? no one. And he got a shot with De La Hoya at fight 21, whom sturm than lost to. So i guess guys get lucky sometime at 21 and 0. Lemiuex was around 25 and 0. Look what happened to him vs the "much criticized by kelly haters" Rubio.

May 11, 2011 at 11:46 p.m. suggest removal

Pavlik tops Lopez

good? In some ways yes. It was apparent he had been out of the ring for awhile. So there was definitely ring rust. However, I saw him get away from alot of shots the commentators said landed, so I saw alittle more defense than I had seen in awhile. There was some head movement that some say isn't there. The lack of flowing combinations was concerning, but the new/ reemergence of a left hook was encouraging. I think you add that to him getting some timing issue worked out, adding it to an awesome 1-2, and he's getting somewhere. I also liked that he went to the body some. Haven't seen him take that to an opponent since Espino. And he definitely didn't seemed phased in between rounds or in the ring with Lopez moving. So I think he looked good and it is a nice start. IS he ready for a title shot? Don't know. Don't think 5 is the right number, but I would like to see more before he goes at a title. However, I think he gets Steiglitz in a title fight outside of Germany, he has a chance right now. Abraham, again outside of Germany, same thing. Bute outside of Canada, much better chance, but not like the previous 2 guys. (You know you want to say if he's so great he can win anywhere, but I have seen fights outside of the US, and they can be BS. Don't agree, watch Bute vs Andrade 1st fight.) I do not like the ideas of Froch, Kessler, or Ward anywhere, but I am biased. I like kelly as a middleweight. Froch and Kessler could move up in weight, let alone be at supper middle. Ward I haven't seen so much of. But what I have, just don't like the style match up.

You know folks always seem to go back to Hopkins and Martinez when critiquing kelly. I watched both fights more than once. Kelly was not himself vs a very crafty veteran in Hopkins. And folks run kelly down over Hopkins? Hopkins got knocked down, what twice vs Pascal. Hopkins looked to dominate the rest of the fight, and I believe as many others Pascal got a gift in a draw. So was/is hopkins washed up? If not than why is kelly losing to a future hall of famer, current contender such a shame. Martinez is a different story. Martinez won the first rounds. You think, well just like Hopkins, Kelly is out of this one. Kelly won the middle rounds. He adjusted to Martinez's movement and had the timing down pretty good. But the hand speed of Martinez contributed to that nasty cut, and a failure to control it to me led to a loss. But Kelly looked good in many ways that night. I do feel that a Kelly that doesn't have to kill himself to make weight, and a good cut man, he very well wins in a rematch. As for Marinez himself' he destroyed the "Invincible and avoided" Williams in the rematch and I felt he got ripped in the first fight. So again, is losing to Marinez such a shame. People just can't let it go.

May 11, 2011 at 11:34 p.m. suggest removal



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