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Why did Trump choose Youngstown?

Maybe you should have asked the local republican chairman why he chose Youngstown? Nah, why do that? Just spout conjecture and bash Trump angry Hillary loving opinion editor.

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TRUMP IN YOUNGSTOWN | Protesters say 'Love Trumps Hate'

Kids unfamiliar with the Clinton's numerous scandals that date back 30 plus years. Bill Clinton's unfulfilled promises of jobs for the valley. The democratic failure in this area forever...sad.

Vindy did you cover any protestors when Clinton was here? I don't recall that.

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Where are the public payrolls?

Since you Bertram do not permit comments on Letters I want to congratulate Dick LaLumia on his spot on letter criticizing your lack of criticism of Hillary Clinton, here. Your bias is glaringly bad. Nice to see someone get the opportunity to call you out on it. You deserve some credit for printing his letter. Also, thanks for giving us a one day break from your usual Trump bashing.

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Canfield couple protest Target bathroom policy

I'd never heard of this national protest against Target stores. Amazed the liberal media isn't berating these people for having an issue with Target's bathroom policy.
I have to take my 20 yr old non verbal "autistic" son into the women's restroom when I am out with him without my husband. And boy do we get the looks. I'm very apologetic to the women and girls who happen to be using the facilities at the time. So FYI protestors and public be aware with 1 in 45 people on the "spectrum" expect to see the opposite gender using your bathroom.
Growing up this wasn't an issue. Of course autism was rare in the 70's. In 86 the gov. did something and suddenly autism became less and less rare. They gave vaccine manufacturers liability protection and the childhood vaccine schedule grew and grew. They'll tell you it's one big coincidence. But, you should decide for yourself after getting more information. This issue is way more complex and detailed than most imagine. check out the documentary Vaxxed. At

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Trump to talk foreign policy at invite-only event at YSU

Betras you are so wrong. What we are learning is Hillary is a non stop scandal machine. And her health is a big question mark. But the media keeps propping her up.

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Zika funding should go to local communities

Boccieri should read this very extensive research paper and stop falling for the zika hoax.

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Congress must muster up political will to act on Zika

Centers for Deceit and Corruption's latest fabricated "epidemic".

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Donald Trump attacks Muslim father's convention speech

How is that attacking?

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Kasich says he’s focused on helping down-ballot candidates

So childish. They should kick him out of the Republican party if Clinton wins Ohio and wins the election.

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DNC CONVENTION | Dems apologize for ‘inexcusable remarks’

Are they for real? Damage done.

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