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Attack by youths on mother and son propels cops, agencies to join forces

The police would pick them up if people called about youths being out?

Ha! Ha! Pretty funny. Sorry, the only time you see YPD anywhere near the hood is when it is between where they spent their shift hiding, and end of shift guard mount. And then it is generally seeing them zoom by at 50 mph staring straight ahead.

I apologize to all those who do try and make a difference. But you know what (and who) I am talking about.

So, any luck getting those GPS's installed in the patrol cars?

"yeah, my car was in my driveway, I stopped home for lunch/dinner/family emergency/the Super Bowl..."

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Mill Creek MetroParks gears up for fall

I love Mill Creek Park! I have never seen a city our size with anything that is even close to it. It is better than the parks systems in most of the major cities I have been to.

Thank you Volney Rogers. What possesses a person to devote that much time and energy to something that is for the public good, instead of just complaining all the time (like we all too often do) is beyond me.

Oh, and thank you Mill Creek Park police force. Best thing we ever did was make them real cops with real guns. And they have to be a major reason the park is still so safe, compared to the areas surrounding the place. Also, fortunately, crack heads are afraid of ghosts, haints, and the great outdoors...

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FBI: Gangs move south to Boardman


Please explain to me the logic behind "once Bammy gets those awfule millionaires to pay their fair share, Boardman will share the same blight."

See, this is what I mean when I say you folks are unable to form a coherent thought yourselves. You have to quote daytime talk radio to have a logical thought. Please stop trying to think for yourself,. just post "ditto ditto ditto" and we will all know what you mean, and not have to slog through the doggerrel formed in the misty shrouded reccesses of your hate clouded brains.

I mean, once again, great job defending folks, that would not cross the street to spit on you if you were on fire. Like you are a millionaire, yeah, right!

Anyway, vote Ron Paul, kill the sick, and legalize drugs.

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Williams: No. 1 priority is help get Obama jobs bill passed

Let's see...

taxes are lower than when Reagan was President. Obama has kept the Bush jr. tax cuts alive, and yet we still get to hear this BS about private sector jobs.

Uhhh... correct me if I am wrong, but can't jobs be created by the private sector at any time? Or is there something going on now, like maybe all of the major companies leaking everything to China and even cheaper countries that is keeping our own job creation low?

Oh, and to anyone who want to argue with me, please instead of quoting Limbaugh and his ilk, just say "ditto ditto ditto", which is about as much of an original idea as you folks seem to be able to muster.

What I find truly hilarious is, these are the types of jobs that would help folks that by and large are in your financial strata. Nothing I enjoy more than listening to some yutz rant about how unions stink, and Democrats stink, and Obama stinks, then find out the guy is a retired union boy. Of course, now that they have theirs, why let anyone else have theirs?

By the way, I am obviously not union. You would have to look hard and long to find a computer job that was union. And I love money as much as (or more) than the next person. It is just that, I do not believe that wholesale privatization and rollbacks of regulations (like, oh lets say, banking regulations that Bush rolled back) will do anything but cause the greediest elements among us (like Enron, Mortgagae companies, to REALLY put the screws to us.

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Contract awarded to repave 7 miles of Mahoning Avenue

Just another tax and spend Democrat funding plan. As far as I am concerned, if you live on Mahoning Ave., then it is up to you to pave your own road, not expect everyone else to pay for it. Commies.

Or, even better, we should privatize all our roads, like they need to privatize Social Security. Just turn the ownership of the roads over to the highest bidder. Then, that private owner can charge people to drive on the roads, and pave the roads as they see fit.

And, through competition, the lowest cost roads would get the highest amount of business. That is called "CAPITALISM" you dirty stinking commies. Hey, bonus idea, if a person wants to open up dirt roads through their back yard, and charge less to drive, then so much the better!

More competition! Lower prices! Less commie socialist government!

And to keep the dirty filthy lawyers out of it, there would be no liability incurred by the owners of the roads, that would also help competition, and keep the dirty stinking commie lawyers out of the equation, which would also lower prices, because as we all know from listening to afternoon talk radio, lawyers suing people with frivolous lawsuits over frivolous things, like say for instance, death, are what make our prices so high.

Now, even though I should patent this idea, I give it for free to the public.

Of course, I will need a government grant that I will then charge back to the residents of the county to launch this money saving idea, but it will save the average taxpayer, oh, well, lots of money. Trust me.

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Do-Cut plans to rebuild

That Do-Cut was a fantastic place. They treated my Mom like gold. Everything that is good about a store and nothing that is bad.

A perfect example of why Wal-Marts and Home Depots will hopefully never take over the world. Just provide great customer service and I will gladly pay the extra few pennies that it costs to get real customer service from an expert.

When they re-open, I will be there the first week, just to buy something, anything, to show they are appreciated. Seriously, I wonder how many folks drive from Canfield to Boardman or Austintown, and spend more in gas and time than they would ever save by driving those extra miles...

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Looking back, looking forward

I love reading the opinions of the folks slamming the Dems. And I think to myself, do any of these pseudo patriots, like Stan or Hunter21 even have day one of service to their country in the military? And, no, I do not count civil (simple) service jobs with 20 year retirement plans.

I mean, if you are going to yap about the military, and what goes on in it, at least come at it from some real experience.

And, yep, if you love to talk about the military, and going to war, and you have no military experience, then you can cram it. Gutless weasels, every one of you.

If you are prior service, then you have every right to say whatever you want. And you are my brother or sister, otherwise, you are just a four flusher.

Now go get your eye opener at Bill's Place. Doors open at 5:30 a.m.! Go solve the worlds problems! And tell how you would be a vet, but... "hey, I would have been drafted, but my uncle was on the board, and wouldn't let me join".

Sound familiar?

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Will YSU faculty take strike vote?

I'm hungry.

Does Perkin's still have those strawberry roll-ups? You know, Those crepes rolled up around strawberry filling and topped with whipped cream? Those were great!

Just like a contract. Strawberry filled deliciousness wrapped up in a lightly browned crepe, and topped with creamy goodness.

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A closer look at selling gold

Pawn shops, yeah, right...

I was in one less than a year ago. One that is considered very reputable. Some old lady, comes in with a bag of gold. She has two young guys in tow, maybe thirty years her junior.

I'm thinking, here comes some heartbreak, that bag of of gold will just be a bag of costume jewelry. Well, about an hour later, after all the haggeling, the pawn shop owner cuts a check for almost $7,000.00 !!!

Of course, cynical me, these folks definitely did not look like the type to have that much in real gold jewelry just lying around. (I was listening in on everything that was being said. Always be aware of the IT guy who looks like he is under the desk looking totally absorbed in his job).

As this was a very touristy area, and now realizing that these two kids were not her sons, and that the pawn shop runs an instant background check on the person representing the sale, I am guessing all stolen gold. The old lady was the front. And they split it all as soon as they cashed the check.

That's just me of course...

Also, I spoke to owner. This "reputable" guy was buying gold at 50% of the spot price. Nice little profit margin there. The pawn shop owner talks about the costs of melting the gold etc... Baloney. Melt shops have this down to a science. The pawn shop owners get over 90% of the spot price on melt price. That 14k 18k stuff doesn't mean a thing as far as percentage of value of the value of the actual gold.

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Will YSU faculty take strike vote?

I believe that the average base wage should be determined by taking the average pay and perks package of Colgate, Harvard, and NYU, and applying it across the board to all colleges everywhere.

Let's face it, we are lucky to have any faculty at all at YSU. How they can afford to live in our high cost of living area, when their brothers and sisters in Cambridge, New York, heck practically any Ivy League school, earn on average 20k more per year is beyond me.

Additionally, the students should be forced to pay through the nose for their education. Like my Grandfather always said, price equates directly to quality. So, a more expensive college education would vault a graduating seniors educational experience head and shoulders above a less expensive degree, such as, a "Community College". In all honesty I believe that, I wish I had paid more for my own education. I would have appreciated it more, and spent less time drinking.

Another by-product of a low cost education. Teen alchoholism. A student with money left over, is just looking for trouble. Colleges need to vacuum every last dime out of that student, and his family's, pocket. This also would add an element of Darwinian self selection to the process of degree seeking individuals. Does that potential student really want or need that college degree? Or are they just putting off the inevitable job at WalMart? Looking at the issue through the cold hard prism of reality, that student who is really not actually "worthy" of college, will self select the option of lowest cost. Leaving valuable classroom space open to the more deserving students. Also, poor familys would no longer have to scrimp and save to get their child through four years of schooling. Seriously, if the poor student had the genetic make up to truly excel at college, that would have already been proven by their family being rich, or if not rich, at least well off enough to not have to bother the rest of us where their incessant whining about the high cost of tuition.

I believe that the faculty at YSU has the opportunity to make the bold statement, not about how much they earn. No, their goals are lofty, and altruistic. Does everyone really need or deserve a college degree? They couch this behind a facade of perceived greed. But do super heroes ever actually show their true benevolence to society at large? No, they act as ordinary people with ordinary wants, such as a desire for more money. In reality, the faculty will choose to strike, for the good of future generations. The ease with which a graduating senior of average intelligence can attend college has been to easy for too long.

It is precisely because of these tough economic times that these types of bold initiatives are required. And I applaud the faculty of YSU for their courage.

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