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Tape reveals session on airport lease

This is only the tip of the iceberg! The games being played at the airport and the Port Authority for several years now would cause a major revolt in both counties if the taxpayers knew what is going on with their money! It's about time everyone started asking the right questions and getting complete and honest answers. Where does the money go? Who all is behind keeping a failed airport alive with taxpayer money and what do they stand to gain? What has the WRPA ever produced to benefit the area? Who all is involved behind the scenes in this snake pit? Regional Chamber? Vindicator? Others? Who owns the land around the airport? If the truth ever comes out, it will make recent indictments and past political corruption look like child's play.

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Bikeway not perfect, but still great

Bike Trail Is Mediocre At Best

The MetroParks Bike Trail is unfortunately another example of a mediocre resource that could have been outstanding with better planning and maintenance. Once again, we who live here have to suffer from a mentality of "it's good enough." Anyone who gets more than 10 miles outside Mahoning County will quickly see the quality features developed by others.

Right here at home in NE Ohio - just ride the Trumbull County Trail. It's more visually appealing, wider, smoother/better maintained, longer, and connected to Ashtabula County Trails. It is also much safer (crossings) and rider-friendly.

Maybe one day the MetroPark in our county will finally join other (already developed) trails and finally give everyone a trail system to be proud of.

I agree with Chris - it's not perfect. I, however, am unwilling to call it great or anything other than what it really is - potentially wonderful, but currently poor when compared to any other trails.

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Rimedio-Righetti must handle commissioner’s job with care

Effective solutions to any problems first require a knowledgeable understanding of the actual problems. Rimedio-Righetti might have neither.

The county's financial woes have little to do with Tablack's or the commissioners' budget management or Oakhill and everything to do with out-of-control union wages & benefits paid to county workers and inept economic development. If anyone thinks we don't need a skilled financial administrator, they should consider whether three politicians with no financial or budgetary skills is really better!

If Rimedio-Righetti is such an improvement, let's not forget that her experience is purely political and only with the city of Youngstown - hardly a success story for bringing people together or improving bad situations. The Vindy editorial is right - we don't need to focus on politicians' rants about what's wrong, but on how sensible are their solutions - if they have any.

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Support local businesses

Charlie is a sad so many others. He was a small-town, small-minded, not very good businessman who went to sleep and when he woke up, the world had changed. He didn't know what to do nor how to compete.
Palbubba, you are right on! His store is a pitiful result of poor management and neglect. It's dirty, has poor selection and quality of products, and his employees act like they hate being there.
Sorry Charlie, the problem is you - not local government support or customer loyalty.

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YSU football seventh in MVFC preseason poll

Take a look at Joe Scalzo's article in the Vindy and think about the reality - not blind faith of the situation. All the player losses combined with past seasons' records don't bode well for YSU. Seventh place might even be optimistic this year. We finally have a decent coach. Let's give him time.

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New airport manager believes more flights on the way

Thank you, Tom, for injecting a good dose of reality and clear thinking into this issue. I wish more people would think a little more and ask more of the right questions. Questions like:
- Who owns the land around the airport? (Regional Chamber? Vindicator?)
- What happens when the Air Reserve base is closed in the next round of federal base closings?
- With our location, would high-speed rail connect us to more business while being cheaper and more sustainable?

I think Dan Dickton is a talented professional and a very good hire. My problem is not with him, but with the shallow minds who gave him a fool's errand as a job. Let's get their names out there and hear them try to explain their rationale. That would be a real display of missing brainpower!

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Study: Valley businesspeople want more service from airport

Thank you once again Vindy for another regurgitation of the obvious and misinterpretation of fact! This survey did NOT state that "Valley businesspeople want more service from the local airport." They might. Who wouldn't consider another flight each week - to somewhere - to be a vast improvement over what we have now. What the survey did probe was the vague and unsubstantiated destinations traveled to. Since all these destinations are already well served by frequent and reliable service from other area airports, do you think that major carriers will drop that service and start flying from Youngstown and its tiny base of commercial air travelers? Maybe Valley businesspeople won't mind waiting 3-4 days for a return flight!

Rather than writing only what is fed to you, try asking a few basic journalistic questions next time. A few you might want to ponder:
- Of all those "flying businesspeople" surveyed, how many were commercial customers as opposed to private/company plane users?
- Since profitable schedules to/from Youngstown would only be infrequent/limited at best, how many customers would actually change their current usage of other area airports?
- Is 3.7 - 6.3 passengers per day really enough to support meaningful schedules?
- Since air travel preference trends are moving toward more direct flights, do we think somehow we can capture business with wasteful shuttle service to intermediate airports?

The last survey of this style and quality asked car buyers if they liked a lot of chrome and bizarre styling features. The majority said yes. The resulting colossal failure in the marketplace was named Edsel and is still a case study in most business schools on how NOT to conduct research. It seems they forgot to ask if those buyers who said yes to the survey, would you actually BUY such a car. The resounding answer was NO!!!

We need to escape the continuing worship of uninformed guessing and defensive mediocrity and start THINKING.

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Trumbull hotel tax revenue declines

Why continue to feed a dead horse? Let's help private industry expand existing RR lines to run high-speed train service between Youngstown and Pittsburgh or Akron airports. That would be much more progressive and might even make money!

If not, why doesn't the airport put a tax levy to keep themselves afloat on the ballot and see how many valley residents want a failing airport?

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A bad time to pick on landlords

TB, you make valid and responsible comments. Like you, I am far more interested in our area's growth as a great place to live than in protecting and continuing the low quality of living that plagues the Valley.
If landlords worked to improve the value of their property and business, repairs would be an investment. They should increase rental rates to cover those expenses and work to earn a profit. That's just good business sense. If charging higher rent, carefully screening tenants, and maintaining higher quality properties cause some to move away, what do we lose?
Possibly property damage would drop; crime rates might decline, and the quality of life and community might increase. What would be wrong with that model? Landlords would not only have a stronger business with fewer problems - they would see the bigger picture and actually contribute to their own community's growth and vitality. We need to replace selfishly protecting individual interests with a unified effort to make the Valley a better place for all to prosper.

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A bad time to pick on landlords

Mr. Parsons demonstrates the ignorance and irresponsibility that cause the very problem that taints this city and its recovery.

Any landlord who has ignored needed repairs to the point that he can't afford to correct them should not be in business. He and others like him should lose their property and be driven out of town.

Any landlord who feels that it is okay to charge rent for substandard housing and get a pass from the city is not only stupidly unscrupulous, but a despicably selfish human being. If they can't afford to run a legitimate business, they should not be in business – any business!

Maybe when we get rid of Mr. Parsons and all like him, we can begin to restore a sense of community and human dignity that WILL attract growth and revitalization – not the protection of slum loards.

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