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YSU labor leader’s pay raise is probed

Without a doubt, Ivan is a demagogue. That’s someone who gains favor by exciting the passions and prejudices of the audience (for those of you without a dictionary). People like him just walk between the raindrops. He’ll put on a big show and talk his way out of this one. His supporters will shout down and bully any opposition within the union. The administration won’t fire him. And life here in Wonderland will go on as it always has. Were you really expecting anything to change?

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YSU labor leader’s pay raise is probed

RealTruth said "So he's automatically guilty? We've heard ONE side of the story..."

Yes and that side came from the Ohio Attorney General's Office. The Top Cop of the state. They investigated and said he is guilty. Case Closed.

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YSU labor leader’s pay raise is probed

Education Voter said "By the way, shouldn't management consider the contract effects BEFORE they sign it."

I can't disagree with you there. That was a real bone-head move by the board of trustees. They relied too much on Craig Bickley. But in the end, you can't defend this guy. 56% raise, paid for by tax payers, is an abuse of his powers.

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YSU labor leader’s pay raise is probed

Someone is trying hard to hush this up but the universities board asked the states A.G. office to investigate. That means its out of the hands of the university and union officials. It's very possible that charges could be filed on the state level. I don't see how you can appoint yourself a 56% raise of tax payers money and no one notice.

Some people just don't know how good they have it. Maybe if Mr. Maldonado worked at Lordstown and was looking at an extended layoff this holiday season he'd feel different.

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YSU labor leader’s pay raise is probed

"On Friday, a letter from Green Haines Sgambati Co., LPA, representing the YSU-ACE, was delivered to YSU President David Sweet. The letter demanded the university halt plans to amend the issue quickly.
“If the university goes forward with these or any other modifications, appropriate legal action will be pursued,” the letter stated."

....and who will pay for that leagal action? The rank and file members who DID NOT GET A RAISE!!!!!

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YSU labor leader’s pay raise is probed

It's guys like this that give unions everywhere a bad name. Another greedy union thug who is only out for himself!

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YSU negotiator on leave due to labor pact

Here is what the Vindicator won't tell you. The following is from The Jambar, the student newspaper at YSU.

"According to information obtained by the Jambar through a public records request, Youngstown State University Association of Classified Employees President Ivan Maldonado received a 37 percent increase in pay from fiscal year 2008 to fiscal year 2009 due to job reclassification made possible by the 2008 YSU-ACE contract.

His pay went from $44,429 in fiscal year 2007 to $82,613 budgeted for fiscal year 2009.

Maldonado's pay prior to the reclassification was $59,498.

The reclassification was a part of the YSU-ACE contract that was ratified in July.

The Youngstown State University board of trustees contacted the Ohio Attorney General's office to determine if the reclassifications matched the state's system.

Maldonado said he will not issue a public statement at this time."

By the way, this guy is nothing more then a secretary and NO ONE ELSE in this union got a raise. Valley Union Greed. Gotta Love It!

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