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Navy SEAL from Boardman accidentally shoots himself

Once again in light of tragedy people need to learn to have compassion and sympathy. This situation is a tragedy, no matter how it happened.

Just remember we are all human and make spur of the moment choices that may not end as we want. This clearly was the case.

Keep the family in your prayers. May they find peace and comfort in the days and weeks ahead.

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Coroner has yet to rule on shooting deaths of Mooney students, but double-suicide looks likely

Why on the heal's of Mother's Day did this become a pressing newsworthy story again? I would hope that the Vindicator would havge had a little more compassion. That being said I pray that the families and the Mooney community are spared by the media as graduation approaches. Knowing one of the families personally they deal with the heartache and loss everyday and do not need the heartless media constantly looking for a story. RIP JMS love u 4ever.

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