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Bed-tax increase puts onus on airport to show progress

The director of the port authority makes a six figure income. The grant writer at the port authority makes a high five figure income. Where are the new projects generating income for the port authority and where are all of the grants they should be getting????

The Columbiana County Port Authority has all kinds of projects going. Some have made money, some have lost money, but at least they are trying and without ANY bed tax money.

Any new revenue from the increase should go towards projects in Mahoning County. Like helping Youngstown pay down its debt on the Covelli Center (which brings in visitors to the area). That would be a much better use than sending the airport more money.

Lets see if the Ditz has any balls and votes to rescind this bad choice made by dumb and indicted.

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Judge Lioi speaks for most of us

author50 (Sam Moffie) ought to be concerned that Judge Lioi will put him away for obstructing justice. When you expose a federal investigation to the intended target that's obstruction of justice Sam. You and your friend the Chairman of the Year are both tainted by your association with the Cafaro's.

It's going to be one big happy family in the big house. Our convicted elected officials can conduct a mock government, Cafaro can buy everyone off with Monopoly money, Moffie can go around and snitch and Betras can pretend to still be a lawyer.

What fun you will all have. We'll see you on the flip side of 20+! Good Luck!

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Ohio Democratic Party honors Betras

Anyone who pays enough money can win any prize they want. Betras seems to want, "Chairman of the Year" and he sends the appropriate amount needed to win.

He's happy and the state party is happy, the only losers are the local candidates who lost the money that should have been spent on them and other local races/issues.

Oh well, it's more important that Betras wins, right?

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Changes at elections board necessary and long overdue

Let's have a precinct by precinct recount of the Gains/Ditzler races and see if the results remain the same.

I'll bet they don't, and no credit is due to people who stood by and watched or participated in this fraud perpetrated on the voters.

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Changes at elections board necessary and long overdue

It is truly amazing that the Vindicator is worried about “transparency in government” and the workers coming in on time, when what they should be worried about is how the votes are counted and why there are still cameras watching what’s going on in the Board of Elections offices.

If anyone thinks that votes are counted in a clean and fair way you need to have your head examined. Mahoning County continues to be controlled by special interests that want only their candidates elected. How else would they control who gets all of the government goodies?

Has this so called newspaper ever heard of “investigative reporting”? Is it the job of the newspaper to just print the results of the election like it’s a sports score or should there be a more in-depth look at what happened and why?

Of course it could be that the Vindicator is a part of these special interests groups. That means that no matter how badly the people in the Mahoning County vote for change and new people it won’t matter, the fix is in and no one’s going to question anything.

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Complaint: Reardon got $115K for bogus debt

Leo the loser ran Ditzler's (unsuccessful) campaign.

Results of that race will change, we will have a new candidate before the end of the summer, stay tuned.

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Obama’s ‘Truth Team’ is joined by Betras

Does President Obama realize that the word "truth" and David Betras don't go with each other!

Betras is the biggest liar the Valley has!!!

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When is there going to be an investigation into the scandal going on in Austintown? Ditzler is happy to talk about anything other than what has been going on between the former Fiscal Officer and one of the Trustees.

What did Ditzler know and when did he know it? There is so much more to this story, BCI and the State Auditor need to come into Austintown and audit the books and start asking some important questions!!!

Ditzler has Betras and Leo Jennings running his campaign for Commissioner. Do we need another Marc Dann in Mahoning County? I’m never going to vote for Ditzler ever again.

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Jerry McNally quits county race, supports Ditzler

A vote for Ditzler is a vote for Betras. I don't like Ditzler, but I hate Betras. No way would I EVER vote for Ditzler with Betras behind him.

And there's the scandal Ditzler is covering up in Austintown. Where's the investigation?? What is Ditzler hiding???

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Jerry McNally quits county race, supports Ditzler

There is a scandal going on in Austintown and we need the facts from Ditzler. What did he know and when did he know about the affair going on between two elected officials in Austintown? Why didn’t he do anything? What kind of backroom deals were made to cover this scandal up? This situation needs to be investigated by law enforcement.

Is this the type of leadership Ditzler is going to bring to the county? Ditzler must be guilty of something since he’s always standing next to Betras on TV. I won’t vote for either one of them.

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