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Youngstown police probe shooting of pit bull on West Side

There are so many facts missing from this article. What is the status of both dogs? Were each given medical attention - that should be paramount. BOTH the owner of the dog AND the miscreant who shot this dog in the face should be cited. We cannot have individuals simply going around shooting people and animals - I hope our society is more decent than that. And WHO made the determination that it is a pit bull? We have LONG known that the majority of the time, when dogs are labeled at pit bulls or pit mixes that the labels are completely erroneous. Every dog that has short hair and a blocky head is NOT a pit. Talk with the Brits. Their purebred, working labrador retrievers are short, stocky, and have large blocky heads. Here in the US, dogs mixed with the English-type labrador retriever are OFTEN mistaken for pit mixes! So, I suggest we get all the facts and get them straight.

January 16, 2012 at 8:10 p.m. suggest removal