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Trying to make sense of tragedy

what ever came of the investigation into this matter, what was the conclusion as to what happened here?

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Our deepest sympathies to the Mooney community

The people of Youngstown and your newspaper are in DENIAL. The underpinnings and events that led to this tragedy need to be fully exposed and transparent to be understood and to prevent it from happening again.

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Traficant, the mob, and now Marc Dann-Youngstown native's scandal gives his city an even worse rap."It's one more bad event that puts Youngstown in the public's disfavor,"... "The damage will be lasting."...most agreed that the scandal equates to another black eye for a region that has struggled for years to overcome its image as a haven for the mob and a poster child for Rust Belt decline..."It just adds to it,"..."I consider this the armpit of Ohio."..."the scandal is a reminder of the Mahoning Valley's troubled past to businesses considering locating or expanding there, and the region still must address its willingness to accept cronyism...All the young people leave here,"..."The older people are still around, and that's why corruption hangs on. There's not enough younger people staying here to change the culture." THIS IS HOW THE REST OF THE STATE VIEWS YOUNGSTOWN.We need to change the image of our city.

May 14, 2008 at 3:55 p.m. suggest removal


Investigators raid Dann's office, seize equipment.
Investigators from the Ohio Inspector General’s office descended on Attorney General Marc Dann’s office shortly after 11 this morning, defying Dann’s legal arguments that they had no right to investigate his office. A state trooper was seen hauling video equipment from the attorney general’s office in the Rhodes Tower shortly after noon today. Authorities also reportedly locked down computers operated by Dann and about a dozen of his top assistants. . .

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The "big shot gangsta" valley mentality is at it again. Will it EVER stop? It needs to STOP so the credibility of this town can get some traction. Dann's muscle-flexing ego now presents with some kind of denial/apology conflict in an attempt to salvage his job. Don't buy into it. LOOK at who he brought with and surrounded himself with as his "administration". The attorney general's office is not some back-room boy's club where anything goes and special deals can be had if you got the "connections". Dann's behavior, and that of his subordinates, which he supported and participated, is unbecoming and unacceptable of the highest law enforcement officer of the State. All of the State's highest Democratic Party leaders see it, know it, and have expressed their repugnance at and rejection of Dann and his ilk. He has disgraced himself and, unfortunately, Youngstown as well.

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