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GM axes afternoon shift at Lordstown

Of course the more you make the more taxes you pay....doesn't take a NASA scienist to figure that one out, but tch was just making a comment, he/she was making 8 bucks an hour and got laid off..think about it people, how far would would $320.00 a week get you? Are you, electrician saying that we should feel sorry for you not tch??Gawd, this community has the mentaity of a pet rock.

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Area Denny’s offering free Grand Slam eats on Tuesday

Don't worry Grump, they'll be there.......there are those who will make it a 3 meal day moving across the area. Denny's has no clue what they are letting themselves in for. They will probably announce they they are closing all restaurants forever at 3:00.

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Lordstown counting on the Cruze

I really don't think the Cruze will have much of an impact on anything. People are losing their jobs and their homes, I doubt they are thinking Cruze. How many "Smart" cars do you see driving around with families in them? As for not worrying about GM and diversifying into other areas, good thought, but you just don't get it....nobody wants to bring their companies to the Y-Town area, if they thought it was a lucrative venture it would have been done already, and there will never be casinos because they have been voted down fear fear of the criminal element moving in.......the F.B.I. even moved their office out of downtown Y-Town. What's that tell you. The handwriting is on the wall and nobody is reading it.

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GM axes afternoon shift at Lordstown

I do believe GM employees get 95% of their pay when they are laid off as well as unemployment to supplement it. So, don't feel too sorry for them, feel bad for those whose jobs are lost because if the ripple effect. Those are the people who are struggling. I have been there, done that, I can only say to those, things will get better, somehow. If you can, get out, there really is another world out there, where skies are blue and the sun shines. It is survival of the fittest, your roots will always be there and you can always come back. Do what you have to do for yourselves and your families first. Put guilt aside and just DO it. If you have kids, give them an opportunity to grow up in a place where they will have a future. You owe them that. Y-Town is NOT that place.

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Kennel owner going to jail for starving dogs

I guess we should be glad that this pig at least got some jail time and a fine. It could have been nothing with another judge. We did our best and got the best we could. Someday he will have to answer for his actions to the Ultimate Judge. Then let him try to get out of that one. I'm sure there is a "special" place in eternity for the likes of this guy and people like him.

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Obama spurs unity dance

Right Rocco, nice to see him sucking up to the Muslims. He doesn't need to apologize for me. I fear he is treading on dangerous waters, trying to do too much in a short time without really understanding the task that is before him. I WONDER when that info will become public about the birth certificate and college records. I bet if mine were in question they would have the answers in minutes.

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Pa. man charged with performing sex act on a lamb

Do we now the meaning of "lamb on a rod"?

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Pa. man charged with performing sex act on a lamb

Pun-isher, GREAT job!! Ewe are good!

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Democrats won election, but America will lose

Freedom of speech. Ever heard of it,allstar?

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Democrats won election, but America will lose

I do believe that Nancy Pelosi is from Illinois, she is the long lost twin of the Blago guy, same hair-do, same mentality. She looked good the other day sitting next to Obama without her make-up on...maybe she wanted to emphasize her whiteness. You did good, Scrooge, but do you think these people will believe the facts?

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