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Obamacare a threat to Delphi retirees

Even on pensions that are not far from the poverty line, the out of pocket expenses and limited doctors and facilities under Obamacare are not something that can be absorbed by this age bracket. This is a shame and and blame placed squarely on the Obama Administration. Hope and change packaged up in a ball of deceit and irresponsibility

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Tell Congress to stay out of Syria, bring other troops home quickly

Agree with Ann, the U.S. should stay out of Syria. I am not opposed to an action against Assad but this should be done by the countries in that region or by a coalition. We can't afford it both in blood and treasure. Obama and Co. need to apply some wisdom here. Sadly, he has been lackluster, if not detrimental, as a leader.

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Delphi retirees get good news in the bid for pension fairness

We'll have to see if PBGC gives up the documents In Sept. as ordered by the court. Same for Treasury as subpoenaed by House Oversight and Government Reform and what will become of Treasury's motion to quash the retirees subpoena in the DC court. Thou doth think they protesteth too much. Must be some gems buried in there. Thanks Vindy for following the story. .

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Delphi retirees get good news in the bid for pension fairness

Good editorial. I believe the Brown/Ryan legislation you refer to was when GM stock was sold, which happened earlier this year. The money for the pensions sits at PBGC as a result of interest and transactions made from the bankruptcies. No taxpayer infusion is needed. They merely have to give the money back to the rightful owners. Afterall, PBGC was legally required to be acting as their fiduciary, not as a self interest.

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House oversight committee issues first subpoena in Delphi pension fight

gdog, the salaried tried to form a union more than once. Having a union provides leverage with the company you work for. It doesn't allow for special political favors at the tax payers expense. That is the argument here. The salaried pensions were well funded enough to pay out for many years. What happened to that money and why won't the people who made those decisions, the Treasury/Obama Admin, allow the retirees access to the documents that show the decision making process and how much money was in the pot. Instead, their acting like dictators. The vast majority the working people do not or can not belong to a union. That should not prevent them from being treated like any other citizen by their government. Union or non. Your logic is lacking. Learn the facts.

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House oversight committee issues first subpoena in Delphi pension fight

The retirees have had what, 6 or more Hearings over 5 years and both they, Congress and the Senate continue to be stonewalled by the most transparent Administration in history. If nothing was handled improperly, why not prove it by showing documents being requested both by Congress and the court and get it over with instead of wasting tax payer money fighting them. This is scandalous. The Obama Administration is proving to be a big disappointment, to say the least, and maybe even criminal. .

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Ryan missed a chance in Dayton

So the Republicans are giving a dog and pony show while the Dems are giving a No Show. This is a ridiculous statement as you say Dems were invited in the first place. Recall that the only things that have broken loose for the retirees, i.e., documents & Admin witnesses, have been under Republican hearings. The Admin has had it in their power to fix this from day one. The heist of these pensions must be taken seriously by all, whether Dem or Rep. The law was broken by the very people whose responsibility it was to protect the pensions in the first place. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp did not file additional liens on Delphi assets as they could have and should have nor did they hold fast on the liens they DID hold. While the creation of the PBGC was a good thing, they should be operating with complete transparency. Otherwise, you have to wonder how many other pension funds these people have ineptly or illegally handled. PARTICULARLY if they are used as a political tool.

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Another year passes by while Delphi retirees wait for justice

rd150, why would our government give tax payer money to one group over another because they belonged to a union? This is merely taking care of your political base. The steel mills did not have government intervention with infusion of tax dollars. When they stepped in, it should have been fair and TRANSPARENT. Government Motors can keep their cars until they decide to be an honorable company.

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Mediation rejected for Delphi retirees

Freeatlast, contracts have not a thing to do with it. The hourly retirees rec'd the same thing via the PBGC that the salaried did. Difference is, GM made up the differences (what they lost) with tax payer money. PBGC is not exactly being honest here. Surprise, surprise. Where did these folks fully funded pension go?

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President earned another term

Sorry Frank, you make a very weak argument for reelecting Obama. Thought you were smarter than this. Please do more homework.

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