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What was this election for, anyway?

I agree as well and will take it another direction. Last night I watched an interview with a decorated 18 year veteran of the air force, who was awarded among other things, the medal of heroism for his brave service. He is being discharged because he is gay, despite Obama's promise to repeal the "Don't ask Don't tell," policy. During the campaign Obama assured us he was capable of tackling more than one issue at a time, yet it seems the economy is his excuse for lack of political courage.

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Who will cover Chevy Centre shortfall?

Bert, Gotta hand it to you on this one. I agree with your consistent stance that this was huge mistake from the get-go and the inflated purchase price of the land and the location, which frankly stinks if the goal is to encourage foot traffic. Municipalities have no business in the entertainment venue business. Personally I like your earlier idea of selling the place for a casino!

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Texas-sized hypocrisy

I agree with the point about media, but I'm more bothered by the "objective" outlets than the clearly partisan ones. CNN for example follows the tired format of having two ideologically opposed talking heads argue over an issue; both spout half truths and party lines and the "journalists" make no attempt to differentiate which is telling the truth--"debate" has become the substitute for actual fact-finding and in the long run democracy suffers.

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Ryan in Columbus would help Youngstown

Yes, G., I agree that "boxes" have benefited society, and while I may disagree with your point, I respect your opinion. As for the problem of not being connected or wealthy enough to run for office, that applies to many, many talented individuals and seems to me a systemic problem across the nation.

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Ryan in Columbus would help Youngstown

Well, I think I'd want a qualified, as you say energetic individual, regardless of the sex, race, gender of said individual. I mean isn't that the greatest lesson of the Obama victory--that its about the talent and the ideas, not the "box" one fits into?

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Ryan in Columbus would help Youngstown

Interesting. I'm not really convinced Ryan as Lt. Gov. would benefit Ytown--seems to me we all thought that Strickland being from the area would make a difference and it really hasn't. As for Hagan, frankly I'm unimpressed--don't see much initiative there or leadership, just a guy who seems to really enjoy the perks of elected office. I'd rather see someone innovative and less a product of the failed politics of the past--someone like you Tyler.

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City can seize and demolish Grenga Machine

Huh? The guy used the building for storage, so I don't think any jobs are being lost here and the taxes on a building valued at around $95,000 aren't much. I think the bigger question is does this road really need to be extended? I can't see why...

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What's next for City Planning Dept?

Where is Kobak going?

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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

Wow 107 comments and counting--on the same page two dead in a shooting and 5 comments...

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Congressman Ryan is the man of the hour

So true TheLostPatrol--its a total "insiders" game. I'd vote Republican just to break this ridiculous incestuous circle.

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