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YSU starts new year in state of flux

I have often wondered why Dr. Anderson left after only 3 years as President. The faculty's childish attitude toward her makes perfect sense. Thanks for the insight Bertram.

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Where are the incumbents?

Let's see. Rep. Johnson is getting blamed for the Senate's intransigence.

Senator Reid has been sitting on bills sent over from the house for years. Remember it takes two to tango.

By the way little timmie ryan hasn't done anything significant during his tenure.

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Turning Technologies acquires its biggest competitor

WOW. 150 jobs right here in downtown Youngstown. Plus more warehouse jobs that will be low paying, now that's exciting.

VM Star and the Marcellus Shale are the real success stories.

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A vote for online registration is a vote for democracy in Ohio

I have no major problem with on line registration as long as there are adequate safeguards in place.

However, a photo ID must be mandatory at the time of voting.

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Brazil opens door for return of the accused killer of Hoerig

It wasn't until Congressman Bill Johnson got involved that action was take, I hope the Vindy's omission to mention him is not intentional.

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New Village in Youngstown restores hope, dignity, pride

What safeguards are in place to guarantee that the Arlington project doesn't end up like the drug- and rat-infested hell-hole known as Westlake Terrace?

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Fitch graduate Gerberry in camp with Jaguars

Isn't it ironic that now Gee will be a law professor at Ohio State and will teach the next generation of lawyers how to use logic and the English language to represent their clients.

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Strickland backs FitzGerald for governor

Ed is like Ted. No way does he get my vote.

Gerald Fitzedward needs to stay in Cuyahoga County

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President puts GOP on notice

NEWSFLASH: Obama calls out Republicans.

It's so god to see our President begin to change his position. his ratings are dropping with 41% approving. h

He is as transformational as George Bush.

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Ahmadinejad to establish tech university after stepping down

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, The Chief Evangelist... Right here in Downtown Tehran

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