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chrismatthews1971 (anonymous) says...

Mr. DeFelice your fondness for Mr. Foley is clear, so too is your lack of knowledge about YPD. Did you would know that officers of lower rank have many times in the past been appointed chief over officers who held higher ranks. In fact it's been very common. The practice is common not only at YPD but other police departments as well. This is very common when the police chief job is a political appointment.
But back to YPD. Chief Robert Bush, was a detective when he was on the force. Police Chief John Lynch was also a detective who was appointed police chief over lieutenants and Captains. Police Chief Lewis was a lieutenant ged when he was made police chief. Lewis replaced Randall Wellington , who when not chief was a captain. Oh, and a quick search of YPD also shows that YPD also hired a retired shady FBI agent to be its chief in the 80's.
And Robin Lees wasn't subordinate in Rank to any of the current police captains or lieutenants other than Mr. Foley. All of the current lieutenants and captains YPD were junior in Rank and seniority to Chief Lees. And Lees didn't worked under Foley's command; it would probably have been the opposite, with Foley reporting to Lees, as he does again.
As to the military reference, perhaps DeFelice should read up on the history of Patton and Eisenhower. There was a real reversal
Rank at YPD doesn't indicate a superior ability at policing or command, merely that the person passed a book test. Using a book test only to promote an officer, is an archaic practice that other police departments discontinued long ago.

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