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Columbus mayor bans city travel to Arizona

I just moved back to Ohio from AZ after spending the last 4 years there. One of the major reasons I moved back is because I was sick of all the illegals!! I was told that I HAD to learn Spanish due to AZ becoming "little Mexico" by a Mexican working a at AM PM. I have 3 soon to be step sons that have suffered a HUGE educational loss due to the No Child Left Behind Act. Because 60-70% of the children in the schools there do not speak English the system is staggered to the point in which branches of the US government aren't taught until 11th-12th grade. The economy there sucks and mostly due to illegals being hired in at $3-$5 an hour which they send the money back to their families in Mexico. Phoenix tops the nation in rape which 99% of the offenders are Spanish speaking Mexicans that are there illegally, thus when they commit a crime of that nature they get sent back to Mexico. BTW, just an FYI...hospitals, schools, and the state government (welfare) don't report illegals...they give them medical cards, education, and welfare checks. Illegal status was only caught when police would ask for green cards. Close the border and worry about Americans first, then immigrants. We're spending way to much giving them hand outs while most of our people are left to suffer!

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