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Record low temperatures expected today

Global warming IS accurate - it's melting the Northern polar ice cap causing the waters to be substantially colder bringing the sub zero weather here. If you want an easy way to understand, get "Day After Tomorrow'. While it's sci fi it IS accurate. The heat and drought in Australia are the flip side - and more and worse weather in the North will be ours. It's not a hoax - it needs to end if we are going to be able to support agriculture and life as we know it.

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'Black Monday' now symbol of Valley's resilience

The mills were purchased TO close them. The Prohibition-era law permitting accelerated depreciation of liquor related companies has now become the way to gut otherwise profitable firms. Lykes bought Sheet and Tube to close it, write it down, and get the cash to go into the electronics business. It's why so many mills that WERE profitable were closed. Bethlehem did the same in Buffalo and got almost ONE BILLION DOLLARS in YOUR tax dollars to shut down. It is not true American industry was unprofitable or noncompetitive - the tax laws were jiggled so they underwrote destruction over production. To hell with workers and communities - just fatten the bottom line with unproductive tax dollars from everyone else. Y'town and all the northeast and midwest was cannibalized for that quick and easy money - and each and every one of us paid the price.

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Buyer hopes to restart Warren’s RG Steel plant

Of course this administration wants everyone on welfare - it's why they supported the auto industry, gave the first tax breaks to business to produce instead of go out of business, and helped working families by lowering their taxes. Yup - all pure signs of loving welfare over work. Sheer idiocy, george. Pay attention - I'm sure you can follow this: businesses in America have been shut down by finance pirates, looters, and raiders, NOT by our government. Working people in Mahoning Valley matter, and jobs are central to a health economy. Obama gets that. The other folks don't seem to or care. Pay attention to who really supports the Valley and its people.

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Vice President Joe Biden on stage at M7

BTW - When Bush came into office, we had a surplus. Bush larded up over 66 percent of the debt we now have. Obama has not spent ANYTHING like Bush, and the money invested in GM and Chrysler has made AMERICAN jobs - productive money, not wasted on giving MORE tax cuts to Wall Street paper shufflers. Not to YOU - to them and only them. And you might like to know - we had a budget surplus this first quarter. So all of you determined to believe that this president is no good? You're swallowing the Kool Aid and paying NO attention to facts or to who's got your back. It's Obama who cares about Y'town. NOT Mitt who "loves firing people" and that's people just like YOU.

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Vice President Joe Biden on stage at M7

What this administration has given Y'town is the first actual package of tax investments in RUNNING manufacturing, not shutting it down. Those tax cuts are for this size manufacturing base rather than Wall Street paper trading that has had all the tax advantages. Of course they should pay more. It's small and middle sized manufacturing that needs the credits for ADDING equipment and hiring people - and they GOT it over the past two years. They also got significant tax credits for health care - more than anyone has given before. They can afford to hire people and make sure they have health benefits. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not paying attention. Y'town and the Valley cannot afford another president who caters to paper traders - the people who killed this area. This administration is on your side and has been all along. It's not YOU he wants to tax - it's those who stole your jobs and put money in their pocket leaving you to clean up the mess. All of us got tax CUTS - cuts opposed by the GOP - on our income and payroll deductions. And businesses are starting to hire because of theirs. Wake up and stop listening to ideology - trickle down is just another name for drooling on us, and we've had that for decades. Stick with the one who puts money on the line for us. It matters.

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Limbaugh responds to attacks with apology today

The government is not taking away your rights. Only TAX SUPPORTED organizations are included in this blanket coverage which all people will have available. No church or religious organization propagating faith rather than anything else will be included. If you take our tax money, you have to be equal. This is a democracy. What about OUR rights as taxpayers? We all have the right to have access to contraception or anything else. You want YOUR employer deciding not to cover blood transfusions because they're Jehovah's Witness? Give up the martyrdom - or give up receiving our tax money. Either is fine. And yes Rush called the young woman a slut and a prostitute - heard it myself - for talking about contraceptives for MEDICAL issues that is already provided at many Catholic and other religiously supported but taxpayer funded institutions.

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Bishop Murry’s letter appalling

This ruling applies to secular employers and to public institutions even if they are run by religious groups. Why? Because the latter come under the Constitution as public accommodations and take TAX PAYER money to operate. When everyone is thus affected, discrimination cannot be permitted. The Obama administration has not violated Catholic or conservative Evangelical rights because they are not mandated to provide the contraceptive coverage - insurance companies are.

Protestants and other people of faith as well as non-believers have deeply-held moral and family values in which contraception and family planning are highly moral and ethical parts of our makeup. It is part of our care for creation to protect the earth's resources and to engage in responsible parenthood. It's not up to priests or bishops to denigrate OUR values that are as moral and grounded in faith principles as Catholic ones.

But so long as these institutions serve the public and especially if they accept public money we all pay, they must be equal to their employees, no exceptions.

One way out? Close your doors to non-Catholics or whoever is not of your faith. Hire only from within your faith as a purely religious institution. And take not one thin dime from the rest of us. Then you're a religious body and exempt from this ruling. But if you're not willing to do this, you must be equitable to us all. And by the way - abortion is already NOT covered in any way by public funds due to the Hyde Amendment. So you'll never be asked to fund that or provide that to anyone. Get over the victim role - you are not being persecuted.

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Conn. woman mauled by chimp praised for new face

Her story gives so much hope to people who have become so disfigured. We ARE a biased society where looks matter, and we're also deeply compassionate - seeing someone whose face is destroyed is very hard indeed. For her to have this opportunity to return to her real self is joyous and amazing. Godspeed.

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Will Obama drag down Sen. Brown?

Both Obama and Brown have Ohio best interests. The GOP favors only the rich, hates public employees who are the backbone of the Y'town middle class, and funnels voting through gerrymandering, and you, the voice of the most embattled city outside of Braddock, want a REPUBLICAN to represent you? From health care to jobs to foreign policy and homeland security, you are in the care of people who honestly are concerned about you, want to restore manufacturing, and return prosperity to Main Street. Wow - you do fool easy.

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Lack of cash, grocery stores creates ‘food desert’ in Valley

It must be nice to be so smug that you can mix up cause and consequence. Y'town has been gutted by corporate America who used then discarded the people of this area. When you have no jobs and thus no income, what do you think people become? It's America's race to the bottom - making working people the absolutely LAST priority. Finding ways to upgrade people's access to basics is a start toward urban resurrection. When people are healthy, they can start re-engaging with finding solutions. No one who is well off should point fingers at those the private sector abandoned. That could be - will be - you.

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