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OHSAA rules against Mooney

You are exactly right taxme! The two kids in this situation are getting punished for this. Two kids that want to have that chance of playing for mooney in which in turn betters their chance of being recruited to a big time college. It sounds like these two kids are pretty talented and what kid with talent would not want to play for a program like mooney!
There is not a team out there that does not want the best talent and will do whatever it takes to get it. Let the kids play wherever they want to play!
I do not live in the mahoning valley anymore but where I do live when you tell people you are from youngstown, ohio they know about Cardinal mooney and Ursuline football! I I were in these kids shoes I would want to play for one of these schools also. They are the ones getting looked at by college recruits every week. Who wouldn't want that chance! If it is really about the kids let them play where they want to play and give them a chance to be looked at by some big time colleges which is a dream for most of these young men to play at the next level.

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