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Common Core splits the GOP

Thompson will also find support from Democrats who want to get reelected. Besides the party stalwarts, Independents vote in general elections, and campaign contributors can only vote once.

Common core is blowing up across the political spectrum. As it is "rolled out", people see what a special-interest boondoggle it is. Parents of all political stripes won't tolerate it when special interests come after their own children directly.

Here's a snapshot from New York, where children are already being "held accountable" to Bill Gates and Arne Duncan: The State Education Commissioner has practically had to go into hiding from the PTA.

Go to Education Week itself, and watch this short video of the parent comments at an actual Common core event. The Commissioner canceled the rest of his public appearances, blaming special interests, but these "special interests" have children trapped in his Common Core fiasco.

Listen to the father at minute 12 talk about his own third grade son. Listen to the last speaker, a mother of three children in Poughkeepsie schools, just before King cuts the public comment session short after 20 minutes, and adjourns the meeting.

Think about it. Parents vote, for whichever party, or for neither.

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