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Dogs at kennel found dead || GRAPHIC PHOTOS

Some of you who defend this man, calling him friend, make me sick!! IF this vermin was so good and loving, at the very first sign of a problem he would have made contact with the people who had innocently placed their beloved pets with him for training but no, instead, HE CHOSE to cruelly STARVE THEM TO DEATH! You call this the act of a loving decent man? And you, knowing this was going on? Where were you when this good man needed a hand? You're as freakin perverted as he is. There is not a punishment severe enough for him (or you, for that matter) and the one he received is no more than a joke. Ohio needs to hang their head in shame over this one. With God's grace, the new Bill will make a difference but not until the punishment fits the crime, there will be no change!

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