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Fact is susan doesnt have any experience in probate.she is busy conning ppl out of giant retainers in domestic court.she was schooled by jak campbell biggest criminal in valley history along with philomena.her name at one time was between betras an dann.she regularly cocounsels w an attorney that was federally indicted.

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Susan s "experience" as a lawyer is mostly conning her clients out of big retainer than burning it up by filing frivolous motions,client meeting s,bunch of pretrials.than telling client they are out of money and trial/hearing is coming up give me another10k .like her mentor marc dann use to say"a lawyer in a small town can make a good living,2 lawyers make a killing".susan would be serving a life sentence if she was charged everytime she filed a false dv to gain leverage in domestic court.federally indicted lynn bruno her frequent cocounsel is just as guilty ,the 2 are no different than jerry sandusky except they made millions off the backs of children.

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Rhetoric in Mahoning probate judge race escalates

The ppl that dont like sammarones father: are they mad they have to punch a time clock?cant play angry birds on city cell phone? Cant treat tacpayer money like they won lottery? Susan msruca is like her father, she just hasnt gone to jail for racketeering yet, like him.she. has had good teachers ...marc dann,jak campbell,lynn bruno.the apple doesnt fall far from the tree in y twn we always learn this to late like w susans case maybe her political opponents will be found in the mahoning river

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ELECTION UPDATE: Franklin commands lead over Graham in Warren mayoral race

all the sucking up to kasich former republican chairman smith and republican scum like mike kovach has paid off for graham .like tressel says tough times dont build character it reveals it

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There’s a lot at stake in the election

marty hume is running in trumbull county because he knows what the people where he has gotten a nice paycheck from think of him and the job he has done. Same with graham : ever heard of a union leader that cant get union support ?unions have come out to support his opponent even the warren steelworkers

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Hume stands out among five candidates for Girard judge

hume's resume should include being part of and prosecutor for the biggest speed traps anywhere. he is excellent at REVENUE GENERATION, where fairness justice and the law all take a back seat. boardman prosecutor isnt something to brag about either .describing county courts as disfunctional is being kind

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Franklin gains rare council endorsement in run for Warren mayor

graham cant even get support from warren steelworkers. thats what happens when gm does away with skilled trades and outsources jobs hundreds of jobs to nonunion substardard paying companies owned by republican supporters .Not a peep out of graham . former mahoning Republican chairmans companies are always at lordstown too. Where is Graham?Graham wants to call himself a democrat???I guess that makes his buddy Kasich a democrat too

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Go-Go owner says he wants to be a good Austintown neighbor

plz explain to me how a club and "massage parlor" can exist on 1 side of a highway and on the other side there is supposedly nothing but drug users and a" Public nuisense" That area has been a eyesore, blight would be kind ,yrs before these folks decided to go up against the establishment across the highway .anyone that has some sort of problem is not kidding anyone, there are thousands of over the road trucks all hours of day and night .some one needs to look a little deeper to see the real motivation behind the wasting of thousands of our tax dollars.

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Betras taking Mahoning County Democrats by storm

full of energy??? Full of something else. lieing to the public for personal/finacial gain is not being charismatic is being a SOCIOPATH .He is the only person that will benefit.The "king of all media"will use his influence to get his pals elected then go in front of them he did this already w/marc dann .Will they start another "advertising agency" again.Look at his partner susan Maruca interned w/felon jack campbell ,raised by father that was convicted of gambling racketeering charges was in the cell when philomena "recanted " his ratting on maruca buddy lynn bruno onand on SOCIOPATHS

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