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Public employees get their perks

Hey DeFelice--"when you point a finger
you have three pointing back at you, and
one of them is the middle finger.

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What are Kasich’s priorities?

Nancy, John Kasich is one of the , if not the most narcissistic persons I have witnessed. He has no problem spending our money, as a true narcissist he believes he is entitled to it.

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Ohio Turnpike hiring new boss amid leasing debate

Mr. Kasich in the event that your ignorance has blinded you to the fact that the people of Ohio despise you please read the election results on next Wednesday you are going to get your A**
kicked on that issue!

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It’s a big state, Governor

Kasich (KAY' SUCK) doesnt' get it.
He is blending government with
business ---isnt' this completely what he is against? Too much govt in business?
Everyday that goes by reminds me that
that the voters need to vote this inempt
guy out of office ---please dont' forget
to vote. If those that didnt' want this guy in office would have voted last fall we wouldnt' have to be dealing with him now.

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Unions won't meet with Kasich on SB5 compromise

The fact is that no one knows what the outcome of SB5 will be and no one will know until the November election is over.
This arrogant governor wants to deny the will of the people to vote.
He was too much of a coward to sit
down and disuss issues back in
February when he rigged the voting on the bill. This man that calls himself governor needs to be humbled.

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Rep.: SB 5 moved too quickly

Amstutz stated that he voted for the bill,,,coreect? ...and that SB5 went through legislation too fast-
and that there will be changes to the law... this legislator sounds like he has voter least as far as SB5
is concerned...hopefully his constituients have voter remorse as well and remember this the next time Amstutz runs for office.

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Statewide drive to repeal SB 5 gets green light

Repeal Senate Bill 5 and while were at it lets recall Kasich!

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Gov. Kasich says taxpayers got bad deal with casinos

As with some many other things John Kasich needs to remind himself that the
voters of Ohio voted for Casions. The majority rules in a democracy even though the Governor will like to think that
he is ruling and aristotic society.
We voted for casios---nobody asked you
whether you agree with that vote or not"idiot".

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OHIO’S FISCAL FALLOUT: 10 things to know about SB 5

Kasich has plans to get in your pocket too-read on..I am sure that there are many that believe public employees should
make the sacrifices that this Governor
supports. To those may I note that currently there is a bill that was introduced in Columbus a few months ago that will allow mid-size employers
to pay give their employees compensatory time instead of time and a half for overtime. Yes this means workers that are employed by private
companies in Ohio. You see this tyrant
that has posed as Governor will do anything to work his personal agenda--that is to run for President ---God help us all, So if you are not a public employee
beware Kasich will be in your pocket next!

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Wis. governor reveals to phone prankster strategy to cripple unions

We need to make both a these jokers Walker and Kasich an offer they cant' refuse.

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