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Has the Youngstown Playhouse seen its final curtain?


I will NEVER forget as long as a live, how I spent two years of my life, as a labor of love, writing32 songs and a manuscript titled "Remember Idora!"only to have it twisted into a copyright infringement by the Younstown Playhouse.

I then went to Youngstown and staged my play, Remember Idora, myself at Powers Auditorium with a cast of 186 individuals and the assistance of the Judy Conti dancers.

Silly Playhouse. Silly, silly Playhouse.
All I wanted to do was bring joy to my town and they turned it into a nightmare, pirating my play.
If you're going to pirate from me, make the script better, not worse.

I would still love to bring my show to Younstown.
It would raise money for a theatrical group.
Approximately 6,000 people saw "Remember Idora," my show, Memorial Weekend 2003.

It was the most wonderful experience of my life.

Silly, silly Playhouse.

Angela Victoria Woodhull
(352) 332-0515

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