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Southbound Route I-680 reopens after accident

boxerlover has a point. My husband is a truck driver and I have been on several trips with him. I am about to describe a scenario that happens to him AT LEAST 10 times a day. Truck driver driving in right lane at 60 mph which is not fast enough for the car behind him so car pulls out around and passes say 100 feet before the exit car needs. Now car pulls in front of him with maybe a car length between AND car slows to less than 60 mph because it needs to exit. Truck can barely slow down to avoid accident, but keep in mind if truck does hit car it is truck's fault and that is just not right. I think every single person who wants a driver's license should have to take some simulated truck course so car drivers could really understand what is involved. And to the point about using the rail system...what you gonna use to get the product from the rail to the

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Police make drug arrest

This is the second time in recent months I heard this type of story. The first one regarding Mineral Ridge incident read "Police watched man enter "known" drug house. Police watched man leave "Known" drug house. Police pulled man over and arrested him." Meanwhile the drug house still stands and somebody's 16 year old kid is going there for the first time and the lives of that family will never be the same again. It's time to go after the "known" drug house rather than the addict.

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