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Financial-aid disbursements delayed at YSU for fall semester

YSU is an absolute joke. It's almost like they love to cause problems and unevenly distribute funding. President Anderson does NOT need all the renovations that have & are being done on her house. If she was a fraction of the person her public image makes her out to be, she would NOT have done them or at least had them delayed. The University is known for throwing money allover the place for stupid things (ex: a glass staircase in Todd Hall that cost nearly a half million dollars) and known to not put money where it matters (ex: parking deck that needed replaced 20 years ago).

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Man robbed at YSU

One of my favorite things at YSU is when we are forced to buy custom edition books, usually written by one of the professors, then can't sell them back to the bookstore because they're not being used again or are overstocked. Screw YSU. I used to love the campus but no longer can.

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Man robbed at YSU

Bomb threats from an on campus (Sodexo) employee, more random bullets found, armed robbery parking in the m2 deck (which was suppoused to be torn down 10 years ago and is falling apart but who cares about student safety).

... so in other words: a typical week at good ol' Youngstown State!

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Project Jamail donates collection to deserving students

whatever. 5,500 is still a crapload for nike ghetto thug shoes. dumb gangsters should all have guns and wipe each other out.

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Project Jamail donates collection to deserving students

How in the heck can he afford 100 pairs of shoes? A typical pair of Nikes is around $100, I'll say $55 with discount.

$55.00 x 100 = $55,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! This cat had to be involved with some shady stuff!

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Ralph Nader calls for end of athletic scholarships

Scholarships should be given to deserving students based on academics, not based on how well they can play with a ball.

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Man injured after lighting M-80 in his kitchen

hey, it happens. i do a lot of things at 3:05am that i regret as well.

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St. Patrick’s Day parties today

Cops should make DUI checkpoints outside all of these places!

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WRTA will lose if budget is approved

No one except trash rides that bus. I say good riddance, let the scum have a harder time making it to the suburbs.

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Niles man to face wire-fraud charges


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