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Jury backs Ford in Linert case

Your are absolutely right Stan! I was thinking the same thing the other day when I saw this on the news

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Postal Service study could deliver bad news to Youngstown

This area cannot afford to lose 500 local jobs. There has to be another alternative

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Pool owners face varying zoning regulations

USNBOY, where is your glass house at? How do you know these people don't work and collect welfare? Maybe she works 40+ hours a week only making min. wage....just saying.....I work 40hrs per week, have a 4yr degree, and returning to college for another 4yr degree...because I don't live in a $150,000+ home, does that mean I don't know what class is? I don't particularly care for ytown or the surrounding area either but I don't knock the town down and the residents that live here.....Since you are so great, maybe everyone can come to your mansion for a pool party....I probably paid for your pool too

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Pool owners face varying zoning regulations

Youngstown and Warren are doing the same thing regarding permits for these blow-up pools. I think they have more things to worry about in both of these cities besides a damn pool permit for $10.00....really? Nothing better to do???

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Pavlik brothers have bout at parents’ home

Who seriously cares about this? Is this really news worthy at all? What happens in his personal life should not have to be published. Leave the guy alone...this isn't US Weekly or Star Magazine....who cares if he is an alcoholic....there are many people out there who suffer from alcoholism and we don't read about them in

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Parking deck at YSU will be ready for classes

It better be open for how much we are paying now....not only tuition increase for this year, but also parking was raised to $100 for the semester....absolutely ridiculous!!!

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Canfield woman to be sentenced in August for theft

Wow, another white trash woman from canfield....go figure.....LOL....get a real job cleaning lady!!!

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Couple lose home in plea agreement

How old are these people?? Really? Nothing is more disgusting than old lazy people who don't know how to work...they have to steal!!! Go to college scumbags!!! Work 3 jobs like some people have to do now!!!!.....and yes youngstown does have jobs to offer....get off your lazy asses and pound the pavement!!! What's wrong with these people!!!

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Brown favors pedals over pumps

Surly is an excellent co but does not target the typical youngstown ohio market. They do not manufacture a "hybrid comfort" bike which seems to be majority of the bikes seen on the area bike trails. If we lived in Cleveland where the toe path is half gravel/half paved, then a cross bike would be adequate in that type of terrain. Most of the riders on the bike trail have comfort or recumbents bikes from what I have seen.

@Everyone considering a new bicycle should ask their local shop to show them American made products.....I am sure shops have American made products and I am sure shops can import a frame from china and build with Shimano components.....for $4,000 minimum.....90% customers response is "that is more than what I paid for my first car!"

I am happy with my purchase and I don't look at it as mass produced junk as the Schwinn's, Mongoose's, GT's (Wal-Mart) or Diamonbak's (Dicks Sporting Goods). I found a shop that sold me a quality product and a shop that really takes time with their customers in making the right decision for the type of cycling that I am doing.

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Brown favors pedals over pumps

Your absolutely right youcantsilencetruth!!!!!

I bought a bike recently and done much research before purchasing. Cannondale was the last company to stop manufacturing USA Frames. They did a few of their 2010 Road Racing models in Bedford PA. Trek has been manufactured in China for awhile now.....come to realize that Giant Bicycle Co. makes the Trek line and Giant's are priced anywhere from $30-$50 LESS than a comparable Trek. I am very happy with my Giant Brand Bike purchase and never had any problems with it and since I saved money over the Trek, I was able to buy accessories for the bike

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