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Valley animal groups unite?


Love your ideas!! Any suggestions on how to get the ball rolling? We all have the passion to help the animals and need to come together and pool our resources. It sounds like Animal Charity is the base organization as being the only Humane Agency. I would hope when Mr. Pilcher fills the 4 open board positions that he looks for people who know the local situation. I hope he is just not filling seats.

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Valley animal groups unite?

Sounds like a lot of bitter fighting from the people who were TERMINATED from Animal Charity. They get on here an register under different names and put on the same lies. I have seen their writing enough to recognize their "style" . Get over it, you are gone from Animal Charity. The group is trying to reorganize. If there was evidence the CLS would have been charged and you would have had in on the news. We all know you were media whores with calling the news before you called the prosecutors to get warrants when you violated the rights of people and illegally entered their property. Get over it, you are gone.............Thank God!

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Valley animal groups unite?

someonewhocares said:

"Give me a break.Open your eyes people animals are suffering and these HUMANS are fighting over HUMAN selfishness.Animals are dying..who really gives a damn here????"

YES, let's put the effort into making animal abuse a felony in Ohio, not a slap on the wrist. YES, let's work together and not worry that a generous person has donated to another organization besides yours and then work to discredit them. We are all in this fight together for the animals.

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Valley animal groups unite?

"Pilcher said the board acknowledges that the recent controversy at Animal Charity could have a ripple effect."

The community has watched for years the decline of Animal Charity under the command of CEO Baringer and her two agents. AC needed to clean house completely, not rehire one of the Agents who was present at the raids where they entered property with no warrant, left critical information off the reports and so on................. These muliple screw ups have left AC open for lawsuits. One is pending in Federal Court at present. It is a shame that the Lariccia money will be spent on legal fees and not directly toward the precious animals. Mr. Pilcher has not done enough to restore faith in this organization and the donations will not be forthcoming until he completely revamps and starts anew.

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Animal Charity board appoints humane agent

The only requirements to be the humane agent is to take a 20 hour course. YES! This is all!! When Ziegler was hired his background was auto repair. Truthfully the job does not pay enough to get a full time person of any value who is depending on this job alone. There is a phrase that "you get what you pay for" and it may apply here. I was hoping they would have applicants with animal backgrounds who have retired elsewhere (military, school, gov't, Lordstown) and are receiving their pension and this humane job would be their second career. By animal background I mean connections with animals thru farning, home kennel, horse boarding, etc..... We will never know who they could have hired in place of Ziegler? The contributions will not start flowing into Animal Charity with all this controversy and the Lariccia money will only be a band-aid to keep them open a few months. They cannot operate without donations and they need to show they really mean to reorganize their operation before people will start to send them money. I have no faith in them as of today.

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Animal Charity board appoints humane agent

Animal Charity did not clean house deep enough. This new person was side by side with Borosky. He was present during all the screw ups with the Steven Crowley case and the Cat Ladies raid taking and killing over 60 cats with NO CHARGES OF ABUSE/NEGLECT.

The Board needs a fresh face to distance themselves from the black eye that the former staff has brought them. Wipe the slate clean and start with new people. What is the hurry? You must be careful to reorganize this agency because now you have the generous donation of the Lariccia family and it would be a waste to put in place "more of the same" People will not be donating to Animal Charity when they question the operation and you have left them many unanswered questions. Again, what is the hurry? Advertise and interview and put the best person in the job. A quick fix is not what you need now. You need a permanant fix. Please take the time and do what is right especially since you have accepted the Lariccia money.

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Animal Charity board appoints humane agent

I hope he will start returning calls. His mails box was ALWAYS FULL and when you were able to leave a message, he never returned them.

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Lariccias donate to give abused animals a voice

First of all, a heartfelt THANK YOU to the Lariccia family for their generous donation to help the animals of Mahoning County.

Secondly, Animal Charity will not be able to move forward if they retain Agent Joe Borosky in the position of Humane Agent. This man has brought a dark cloud over an Agency that has been here for years. His ineptness and poor attitude have brought many complaints and lawsuits to Animal Charity. There is currently a Federal Lawsuit against Animal Charity for Agent Borosky unlawfully seizing (no warrant) and euthanizing 5 dogs. The case number is 4:2010cv01725 and it was filed in the Ohio Northern District Court. Two of the dogs were certified nursing home therapy dogs. The purpose of the Lariccia Family money should be to help the animals, not go toward lawyers for the mistakes that Agent Borosky has made. Please wipe the slate clean and restart this much needed Agency with people who will do the job and not have hidden agendas.

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Civil trial postponed involving dog's death

I would have sued Animal Charity in addition to Croley. Because Agent Borosky and Animal Charity went in without a warrant, only 4 charges were made criminally instead of 19. They had time to call the media, but, no time to call the judge to get a warrant.

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Cat shelter reopening; charges still possible

The case will be heard in the Federal Courthouse in downtown Youngstown.

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