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UPDATE: Mark Aaron Brown offered no final statement

#43 How do you know that he was unrepentive? How are you in a position to judge that?

Perhaps they should in prison, grow their own food, make their own clothing, etc. We do not need to kill, and it certainly shouldn't come down to money as to whether a human being, regardless of the crime, lives or dies.

Anyone who is quoting an eye for an eye from the Bible perhaps would do well to look into the gospels where Jesus uses the same verse and says, turn the other cheek.

I am not suggesting that we should let him out by turn the other cheek, I am saying don't use the Bible, God's written word to justify premediating Mr Browns "legal" murder. What he did was terrible, horrific. Now, many more have been hurt. He could have been kept in prison to pay for his crimes. Why are so many so blood thirsty? It does not bring the victim's back. As a matter of fact, it hurts Mark's innocent family members. Is that justice? Show me just how exactly, the death penalty is a detterent. It never was, it is a vengance, end of story. My heart goes out to the victims who were murdered, their family, and Mr Brown's family and Mr Brown himself, whom we decided (mind you in a perfectly rational state of mind, not fuzzy with drugs, etc). should die. God have mercy on all of us.

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Woman killed outside South Side church

#45, 72,74, and 75
I am taken aback that there are people who subscribe to this thinking. The fatherless group has just as much dignity in their personhood as you. Fatherless children may grow up at higher risk to commit crimes, I am not arguing that. I would support that. Birth control has already proliferated this country, so obviously, that doesn't solve the issue. Abortion to weed out the fatherless? Come on, killing our children has done nothing to help anyone anywhere at any time. Perhaps, as a community we should all try to embrace and help the single mother by being a role model. Perhaps these children growing up in fatherless homes would do much better if all of you looked around to see who you could become a role model for. Or is it easier for you to sit back and suggest killing them? Get up, get out there, and do something. And by the way, what do you think Angeline might say about this? I don't think that she would suggest killing children who are the most vulnerable of all, in their mother's womb. What a disgrace to her memory to post something like that. To suggest getting a liscence to become a parent....Remeber, being a parent is not a right, its a gift. A gift. A blessing. Do something to help those in your community around you. I believe that Angeline was rock steadfast in her faith. She probably would be praying for you and this man that killed her. God bless her family, my prayers go out to you. Its tragedy all around, and it certainly doesn't get better when we try to fix it by killing our children. I pray for Angeline, her family, her killer, his family, and those at St Dominics. Leaving the church gives in to the evil.

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UPDATE: Mark Aaron Brown offered no final statement

watchingthepolitics...Her father wasn't on the streets, he was in prison.
to some of the rest of you: To take delight or glee in any killing leaves little doubt that we are indeed living in a culture of death. There is no justice served by killing this man, only vengence. It can't bring him back or bring closure to the family of the victims. It only perpetuates our culture of death. We have low regard for the value and dignity of the human person in this society. He killed people, so we kill him, Tragedy all around. Don't try to paint me as excusing his actions, I am not. There is no justice to be had by killing him.

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UPDATE: Mark Aaron Brown execution expected at 10:20 a.m.

well said mzfeefee! It is venage, not justice. God bless you.
USA1, you can not reduce the dignity of a human person, however unlikable that person may be, to someone who does nothing but consumes food, gets free medical care, and creates excrement. He is, or was, a member of the human race. Your brother in humanity. I never suggested that he get let out on parole. I never claimed Mr Brown was innocent.

I will assume that you are a Christian, since you addressed Christian persecution. As a fellow Christian, I offer the following thoughts: God's power can transform lives, even the outcastof society, murderers, adulterers, etc. He came to heal the sick, not the well.
-Paul- prior to conversion helped in the persecution of Christians
-Jesus Christ- exorts us to love our enemies, had the opportunity to enact capital punishement against the adulterer and chose, instead, mercy
-Moses- murderer
-David- murderer and adulter but yet a man after God's own heart
-Thief on the cross-God extended mercy,
-The prodigal son who was welcomed home and loved with great rejoicing; the lost son come home
-leaving the 99 sheep to retrieve the one lost

We must be careful to remember, that we are each endowed with human dignity. No matter how marred the outside person. Who knows how God could have used him?

I agree we need a reform in prison life. A program to help those support themselves by growing own food, etc. But the truth is, in this culture of death that we live in, people would rather kill a person than feed him. Sad, very sad. No human being can be valued for what they can contribute to society. Our dignitiy is not tied to what we can contribute. Nor, thankfully, is our salvation tied to human understanding of justice. God reminds us that Vengance is His. I hope that you spent time praying for Mr Brown.

I am not diminshing the suffering of those he hurt. If we dare call our self Christian, we must then see the person with love through the eyes of Christ. We must see beyond the horrible sinful creature and see a person created from all eternity and loved by God. If we lived in a society without the technology to put people in prison and thereby doing the most to protect society, we would be having a somewhat different discussion. We have the responsibility to regard human life, all human life, as sacred.

Remember, God loves everyone, not just those who are always good at following his rules.

Again, the crime was reprehensible and should be punished and we should be protected. But I am no more protected from harm now that he is dead and neither are you.

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UPDATE: Mark Aaron Brown execution expected at 10:20 a.m.

It is tragedy all around. We live in a culture of death. What was already a tragedy of a double murder, is now being compounded. It is hard to read this article. While the crimes deplorable, what of a society that puts to death a criminal while people are watching? It is so sad that we think somehow we must resort to this barbarish behavior. Society could have been protected by keeping Mr Brown in prison. His execution will not bring closure to the victim's family, of any lasting calibur. No, taking his life will only bring some misguided sense of serving justice. Somehow, we think that killing him will help the victim's family. It won't. This will only compound the tragedy. Mark Brown has a family as well. As for people watching the execution, I am reminded of times when Christians were murdered for sport while people watched. What have we come to? I can't even wrap my mind around the comment of taking our time to do this right. This is not a day of justice or vindication, for neither victim can be returned. I am sure that people will continue to post, talking about Mr Brown getting what he deserves. I sincerely hope that if any of those who are posting those types of comments and dare to call our Lord Jesus Christ their Savior that they remember that they should be praying for this man right now. Let us not forget to love the unlovable.

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Brown to be executed today

How terribly sad that with all of our technology, we use it to destroy more human life, instead of using it to protect society by keeping offenders safely locked away. We instead revert to the barbaric notion that we have the duty to kill such offenders. What good will come of his death? Nothing. Closure can not be had from killing this man. We do not need to execute people to protect society in this country. While the acts commited are deplorable and the family's suffering immense, nothing can be gained from perpetuating the cycle of violence by executing him.

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Judge sets $3M bond for man accused of killing elderly woman

It is a tragedy that a woman's life was ended, and a young man's life ruined. From what I understand, Angeline was a very faithful person. My guess is she would recoil at some of the hatred expressed on this page. If he commited the murder, than society should be protected, but that not need result in another death, namely his by the death penalty. If he commited the murder, society can be protected by putting him in prison.

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Parishioners pray for suspect

What a beautiful testament to Christianity, that this Church, embraces Christ's example and decree to fogive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass...and to pray for this young man as well as pray for Angeline and her family. We are called to love, what better way to put it into action than to pray for those who hurt us. Prayer is no easy matter, neither is following Christ. It demands embracing the world with His love. He gives love freely and will accept nothing less from us. While we abhor the violent and sinful act, we must love the person. Angeline, from what I have read understood this, for she spent much time in prayer. I think that Angeline is probably praying for him as well.

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