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US tax code is longer than Bible — with no good news

Congress makes the tax codes complicated so they can put in their loop holes for themself and the rich. A simply tax code would cut the loop holes and the rich will finally have to pay their fair share and of course they can't have that..!

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Lieberman fears country may go over ‘fiscal cliff’

The Politician are just show boating to get their faces in the News. Its all about their egos

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Toyota is recalling 7.43 million vehicles worldwide to fix faulty power-window switches. It’s

Why are the Toyota owners quite? Quick to comment of GM, Ford etc. but no where to be found when it's their beloved Foreign Cars

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Many GM workers yearn to go home

Another recall for Toyota. 7.5 million. That makes 23 million since 2009. And people still trust in them

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Fix roads that really need fixing

The reason Western Reserve rd. was widen and it was stated, that people are driving on Western Reserve rd. to avoid the traffic and all the speed traps on 224. The police force was losing money because there was not enough room on Western Reserve to set any traps or DUI chech points. Since the widening ,tickets has increased 10- fold. The road is marked 35mph on some spots and 45mph on others. WHY? All side roads are 45mph ,so why isn't it 45mph too. Again this is set up for making money only

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Proposed trade pact with Asia produces hope, fear among Ohio manufacturers

Free trade? Do these Congressmen know what Free trade is? Seems to me these Free trade agreement are one way streets ,where the other country get the Free trade but they handcuff us with our goods. .You got to ask yourself ,who will benefit from these agreements, who will get the inside track on the companies that will benefit from the agreements and buy their stocks? Can you say our Congress!!! whatever happen to WE THE PEOPLE...

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E. Palestine man dies from injuries in mower-car accident

The punk driving the car was most likely texting. Ban texting and driving

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Home Depot’s policy on theft puzzles Boardman police

Sounds like a free for all or a game show. I can see it now, Yes folk the rules of the game are simply ,if you make it out the door , the things you stoled are yours free . So take what you want and make a mad dash to the door. Bring your friends ,see how many can make it to the door. You can all win some great prizes

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Obama re-election tour stops in Lordstown

I guess there is still people out there who want the auto industries to fail but of course not their banks

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Strickland, UAW say auto bailout saved the economy

Notice how F$E bashes the Unions then whines that the Unions are not helping his cause...DUH!!!

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