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Ohioans OK casino gambling, but Mahoning Valley voters reject state Issue 3

YSUgrad99 U did a great deal of homework their i am very proud of you. U are correct in it all the casinos are filing for bankruptcy and yes we as americans have oversaturated the market. Indiana is proof of that when they ok ed that race tracks could have slots. they oversaturated the state and now there are at least 3 casinos in that state ready to go belly up. we as ohioans will make sure of that now that we will get casinos here.

one thing, to all of you belittling your neighbors. i did my duty and protected my country for all, and their freedoms and rights including freedom of speech. But to lash out at people because they may have a diffrent view on this is wrong.

I live in Shelby county OHIO, any county that voted for issue 3 or against it has a right to any money coming to them from these casinos. All counties have unfavorable people elected in them.

Sorry if this pisses some people off but the truth hurts. I would also like to thank everyone that voted for me. To get a job at one of these casinos.

Let me explain on how this is going to work. 34,000 jobs is an over estimate. All casinos overhire, then they let go the less experianced ones. which should bring that number down to about half. so not as many jobs as everyone was thinking. alot of the casinos in the neighoring states have workers that live in OHIO so we will get first crack at these jobs because we have experience and we are also Ohioans. so it is about time that ohio gets casinos so we can work here and be closer to our families in Ohio.

But dont think that these jobs will be perment 5 to 10 years down the road it will be time to move to another state with new casinos. until each state truly gets wise on why Las Vegas tares down and rebuilds casinos.

So thanks again and i am looking forward to seeing you in one of these casinos so i can say dealer has blackjack and take your hard earned money. just like i did in Indiana when you played against me there

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