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Ice blamed for Tippecanoe Road accident

There is no money on a life. And many police and fire have given up a lot in order to protect and serve. And all the while taking cuts and concessions, only to be hit with more disrespect.

It really is a shame that many people have such little respect for the job...

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Collective thoughts of a taxpayer

stan, you are too funny! Last time I checked YSU was not a diploma mill...and they aren't diplomas, they are degrees. But I would expect that comment from someone who doesn't have one.

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Collective thoughts of a taxpayer

oh my stan...did I hit a nerve? yes, I have 3 degrees, a BA, a BS and a Master's.

My goal was not to bash franko, just point out that his tyrant is always. Are you a defense attorney? If so, franko should look elsewhere.

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Collective thoughts of a taxpayer

No but I do work, hard. How 'bout you stan? What do you do? Or do you collect ss??

How many degrees you got there stan?? I have 3.

All I did was lay out some facts, unlike your boy franko, who twisted the truth in his favor.

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Collective thoughts of a taxpayer

OK I'll play your game.

If SB5 passes, will your taxes go down? Absolutely NO. They - politicians - will do with it what they want. And you - the public - will lose greatly. Teachers will leave, at least the ones with less than 20 years experience. Police officers, who wants to do that now? No incentives, whatsoever. Add firefighters there too.

How many degree do you think this Franko has? How many degrees do people have in the private sector? A lot less than the public! Teachers, minimum have 2 degrees. Some have more. Most police officers have a degree. Firefighters too.

I am telling you, SB5 will kill our public work force. And eventually all unions. And then we are doomed by the bussiness man, again.

This, SB5, is all politics people. Unions get people together to vote for who? Democrats. If Republicans kill unions, guess what? There is no group to go together and vote democratic. Therefor, Republicans win. And win, and win.

We need Cairo. Now. Our government is out of control.

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Collective thoughts of a taxpayer

You, Mr. Franko, are the reason I will never have another subscription to the Vindicator.

To the vindy, get rid of this guy and I may pay you for your newspaper again.

Jealous of public workers, aye??

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Republicans smell blood in the Valley

Obviously you are a republican.
Move to columbus.

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