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Man dressed as puppy in Boardman comfortable in cold

Our family purchased four puppies from this "pet" store. One died before she turned one year old. The paperwork had no phone number and only had a P.O. Box on it. I called and asked how to contact the breeder because the vet said our puppy died of a congenital defect. A girl told me the breeder doesn't have a home phone they use pay phones. And the only way to contact them was write a letter.
Next our lab would need a double hip replacement to be able to walk correctly. Another congenital defect.
And just this past month our precious Pomeranian who wasn't yet three years old also died of a congential defect. She was so small the kidney disease progressed slowly.
Gary is never there to talk to about our grief and sadness. Replacing a puppy with another sick puppy is not the answer. The staff is programmed with certain answers but sometimes they go off script and say more than they should. Harbor Pet buys sick puppies.
What do I think of the big guy dressed in the dog suit standing on the corner?
I think of the sadness in my heart over the loss of my puppies and the anger I hold against Gary for lying about where he got my puppies from.
Local breeders do not use pay phones or P.O. Boxes.
So I have one dog with a crooked foot but healthy out of four dogs purchased from there.
I won't even buy a dog biscuit from there.
Greedy s.o.b.s

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