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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

ok i am very proud to call myself a very dissappointed to see people talk about how mooneys location means that we are thugs. We have very intelligent kids that go to our school, and yes some made a bad decision but you people need to shut your mouths. we all make mistakes and you are acting like they committed a murder or something. The title was very unfair. The canfield boy started it all. He should have been included in the title. Yes i agree our boys shouldnt have gone back but they are standing up for one of their friends.Actually no they are standing for one of there brothers..At mooney they teach us all to be one and like brothers and sisters. We all look after each other and we love everyone. So you better get your story straight..I am a student myself at mooney and i disagree with all this comments. I love our boys and they should be free of all charges. Mooney isnt the only school that did something wrong. Canfield did also. So stop blaming it all on MOONEY !!! I know people from canfield and i love them a lot but they have people who make bad decisions to..Mooney has a lot of pride and we will stand our ground. And the vindy as got the whole story wrong. Im proud of our Boys

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