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Group aims to boost Youngstown-Warren airport service

hey thinker stop thinking so much and research some facts, that subsidy from mahoning county is actually the bed tax money collected that was issued for the port authority. so in essence none of your tax dollars goes to the Port, it is tax collected from visitors to the area staying in hotels. That isnt opinion its fact, go do an actual public records request and you will find that out.

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Ryan, Johnson plan teamwork on Valley affairs

Why is it that everyone has the answers yet nothing is fixed? Healthcare? What did we solve? That a child can stay on their parents ins 2 yrs longer? Yeah that was the issue, glad we fixed that.

Whether we start over or amend what we had forced down our throats was not the answer that many were looking for.

Why is it the healthcare bill didnt fix the cost of healthcare? Didnt address kids with learning disabilities that get 0 coverage? 1 in less than a 100 are diagnosed with autism yet ins companies dont have to pay a dime for services? yet we addressed not at all.

Healthcare is a right but not a right that means if you cant afford it I have to pay it for you, your right to have it doesnt outweigh my right to decide what I pay for. And yes if the Gov pays for it, then all working Americans pay for it.

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