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Is Jim Tressel qualified to be YSU president?

Tressell + Fundraising = Reality

Youngstown loves a comeback story!

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Mahoning Dem chairman wants a state investigation into an improper cash contribution

So, who is going to fix the sewers and be overpaid for it?

Someone needs to add value, empty words won't get it done but attention to detail will.

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Tressmania diminishes YSU’s value

Eric said the same thing at the University of Maryland when Siemens gave the school $750M.

YSU has always been a top engineering school.

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Sammarone backer rails against Democrats

no, this is a personal issue...some people can not control a thought from being said or written when it is not appropriate ... the attorney removed his writings

...only Betras would exploit the disorder.

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Oddballs plague Mahoning County politics

let's pretend...E is a employee of B and thinks he needs to quit before B can fire him...he gives his two week notice...B lies to E when he tells E he was the best employee ever and would hire him again...he makes E work thru lunch for two weeks...E will never go back to work for him...the Feds know B will want to settle the score with E and "do anything" to get him...E is hired back by B and B fires him.

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Two candidates withdraw; Belinky shunned in endorsements

My People Love Me -

Muammar Gaddafi

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UPDATE: Pavlik collapses in court, taken to St. E's

cognitively impaired + drug withdrawal

... his brain is hurting

good luck to Kelly

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Cops suspect drugs led Poland teacher, husband to robbery

xanax is expensive on the street...jails are full of people who commit crimes to feed addiction...big pharma knows exactly what will hook you.

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UPDATE | ValleyCare Northside Medical Center locks out some nurses today

Dagwood has it right. Schools have also pumped out plenty of unemployed Nurse Practitioners in the last decade. If 80% of the patient diagnosis is made on the story the patient gives we just design a app and replace the staff asking the questions.

Remember 1/3 of medicine is fraud...even surgeons are under quotas.

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Doctor Shortage?

The pharmacist and nurse practitioner will play a big role in delivering the 1950's care via skype. The corporate physician will over see dozens of PA's and rarely see patients.

So while the Affordable Care Act offers care for the masses...

Who will be able to afford the anti aging treatment that will cost millions? Will only the super rich be 100 years old with the mind and body of a 20 year old? Why, yes.

More important is how will California deal with the new anti aging black market?

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