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Campbell council appoints a new finance director

I guess we'll know soon enough if the other employees at city hall will be tripping over themselves to help this finance director unlike they did with miles, and time will tell if this guy can keep the city in the black or will be back in the red like before miles was there. Lets also see how many things the mayor gets this guy to do without following proper protocol. You know no contacts for jobs in place before work starts, or a company getting over $ 25, 000 in jobs that were not bid out, let alone making the employee who gets a helper do the work this contractor has done. We won't be able to ask though because our new council president won't allow questions from the public at meetings when he himself use to do it all the time amazing huh? No just Campbell politics back to normal. Don't worry mayor and council there are alot of people keeping their eyes on you all. It would really be nice for the state atty. To investigate you all

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Effort in works to buy, fix up old church

Are you serious? We already have a community center, that this same councilman doesn't care about making repairs to. The park needs so much attention to make it more attractive yet he does nothing to improve that, even tho the money is there. Now he wants to burdon the city with a building that should just be torn down or used for fire training or salt storage. Get real!!!! Help the church purchase it like they asked last year. Then it will show your good "faith"

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Candidate divisions heat up race for Campbell council chief

The difference between Krinos's battle with city council and what VanSuch is this, Krino's actually brought in legislation that was defeated, VanSuch goes and does it then brings it in to get paid for. And for the record he (VanSuch) even has the audacity to bring in stuff he fought krinos on.
And if you remember right VanSuch was council president so he very well knows what he can and can't do but choses to do as he pleases because "he's the mayor".
As far as the Gun Rally at the park your wrong on assuming she brought in that gun group that was done by a YSU student if you look back thru the records, and as far as the legislation she also thought the location was bad, she was concerned about the language that was set forth in the legislation. But I may be wrong but hey thats why the have a clerk of council it's easy enough to look up.
And she did not have anything to do with the law suit that was filed by OFCC (Ohioans for Conceal Carry) not her.

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Candidate divisions heat up race for Campbell council chief

Brief comprehension of the city charter.
EMERGENCY ORDINANCE: Council yes does pass them. But tell me what would happen if they voted no when the MAYOR and City Administrator entered into the illegal contract with a company who performed the work and presented the bill and the City doesn't pay it. I'll tell you, a law suit. So this does not fall on her its VanSuch's fault.
CITY ADMIN.: Council has NO say in whom THEY MAYOR choses...once again VANSUCH's fault.
FINANCE DIRECTOR: He now knows how to do that task after paying from his own pocket on how to but, the employees who remained on the job during his suspension which is the month that is in question just dont want to help nor will the MAYOR instruct them to do so. Also he did as someone say took us from deficit to a surplus, my my my how terrible of a job that is!
POICE: Don't know what to tell ya there other than Dill laid them off I believe not Juanita, the mayor has the hire and fire powers, and I am sure if the city could afford it they would be back..
HEALTH DEPT. Got me there but I think your right we dont have one.
CIVIL SERVICE: Once again nothing to do with council it was VANSUCH once again who did that little ditty.

To me it sounds like you are very confused about who is to blame and your post should have Bill's name where Juanita'a is and it should be on the Mayor race article. Because almost everything you have recited is the Mayors job not hers. And last I knew it took more than 1 vote there is a total of 5 persons who vote on legislation.

Also while I'm at it can anyone here answer what starmack should be asking like, how do we have an increase in our income tax revenue fund, which in prior years we did not, when the city residents are mostly retiree's or on public assistance with fewer than either being that of working class? The only conclusion that makes sense to me is, that we finally have a finance director who puts the money where it belongs and it is accounted for. And no the levy has nothing to do with income tax before you say thats where it came from.
If you really think she is the problem go see Mrs Hamilton and look thru legislation and minutes of meetings you may see that if George really wanted to make a difference he'd of picked her to work with and what ever ward he is in he should of run against him, that's one that needs to go.

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Stewing over Campbell’s books

concern....your right I will not deny who I am supporting I am supporting her because of the legislation she has supported or sponsored.And because of the issues that have been discussed in the caucus room where there is no doubt where she stands or where she is coming from. It was not only her who "blocked" Miles dismissal it was all of them because the candidate the previous mayor suggested had fewer skills than Miles.
Should the books be done? Absolutly! Should the others in the finance department help him? Absolutly! My point is, if this is the only thing that Miles has ever asked for help on (and to the best of my knowledge it is) he should recieve it. No questions asked, get the others off their duffs and put their time in too. If the problem is somewhere in the other employees part of the books in his department they should sit down with him and find it. But that doesn't seem to be happening.Apparently some forget it's the Mayors job to direct the employee's in their duties. Miles has taken us from the RED and put us in the black, (which no other previous finance director was able to do) it is because of his knowledge in finance that there is even talk of getting out of fiscal emergency.
As far as me being "insightful" as you stated, well I can only suggest to you that you start attending meetings, pick up the papers in the front of the court room on the railing and read them. Sit in on caucus meetings as well as regular meetings. Listen, watch and learn, ask questions of the elected officials no question is too dumb nor is it ever ignored. I suggest that to all my fellow citizens. You'll be surprised as to who has our city in our best interest in mind and who has a personal agenda. And even more importantly, you too will become just as "enlightened" as I am.

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Stewing over Campbell’s books

To me it's actually a pretty logical answer why Mr. Miles is having trouble reconciling the books, look at it this way. Lets say you and your spouse had a small business with say 2 employees and all of you had a couple checks that you kept with you everyday to cover any business expense you might have.Everyone turns in the receipts everyday but not everyone puts a notation on what all it was for. Say for example, a check written out for $85.00 to Truck World but they didn't break it down to $40.00 was for gas, $15.00 was for food and $30.00 was for tire repair The end of the year comes and your accountant has to reconcile the books and he can't get the gas figures to come out to what you have recorded. So he calls you up and asks. Would you say "I don't have the time" or "you get paid to figure that out"? I doubt you would do either, you would find out which employee wrote it out and what it was for.Everyone would work together right? At least that's what most business people would do. So think about that before you pass judgement, and remember we are not talking about a small business here we're talking about a city with 40+ accounts that all have to balance out as a whole.

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Stewing over Campbell’s books

Its completely obvious what this letter is all about. It really has not much to do about the city getting out of fiscal emergency at all, what it is in fact is the supporters of Mr. Levendis. And the reason I say this is for the following reasons.
1st off you make no mention of other council persons name repetativly other than Mrs. Rich. 2nd of all just as Mr. Levendis you really have no clue as to where this city stands on getting out of Fiscal emergency, if you did you would realize that the books are not the only issue that has not been resolved there are several other issues that the Mayor and City Administrator needs to complete. In fact there was suppose to be a caucus meeting wednesday night after the CHIP meeting where Mrs. Rich was going to go over what else remains to be completed to finalize getting the release from the state, when she comes to your door campaigning why dont you ask her who all attended this important meeting? You probably would rethink if she and Mr. Miles are doing what is needed and required.
You attack Mr. Miles but yet you make no reference or question why there are other people in the finance department that handle the books on payroll and accounts recievable but yet are either refusing or being directed by the Mayors office not to help in reconciling their portion of the books. If you ask around in other cities that are the size of Campbell you will find that each person within the Fiancial Department reconciles their portion and the finance director finalizes them, or they do them together. It doesn't happen here, there is no team work.
You also fail to mention that the books for this city have been reconciled I believe it might be 2 or 3 times in the history of the city. This is suppose to be done every single year!
Also you fail to make any remarks that Mr. VanSuch over the time span that we have been in fiscal emergency held offices in the city as City Administrator, councilman, Council president and now mayor. and this is the 1st time he is concerned they get done?????
Mrs. Rich has been in office 4 years of the 7 years we have been in it. And if you would take the time to either attend meetings or at best look into her voting record or legislation record, she has done everything she can to help get us out of the mess that the other people in office got us into.She DOES look out for us,and votes or supports legislation accordingly to achieve such. Don't take my word or anyone elses its public record read it yourself.
Another thing that you seem to neglect to realize, when Mr. Miles was hired the thought of getting out of fiscal emergency was bleak, actually we were somewhere around $400,000 in the RED! We are now in the black and that light is getting brighter at the end of the tunnel. But yet you say he is incompetent?? He doesn't know what he's doing? Seems like he's done a pretty good job to me.

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Campbell’s poor bookkeeping remains a point of contention

I find this ironic. The man states he need's help, after all there are more people in the finance department that handle the finances other than him, yet they are not involved in this? Am I the only one who finds this odd? Also if the man went to Mayor VanSuch and council and asked for help why did he meet resistance? Why was he not given the help? I mean come on are you really serious, if you want to get out of fiscal emergency as the Mayor states, why are you not doing everything in your power to help Mr. Miles accomplish the task? My opinion is the Mayor and some other council members want Mr. Miles to fail. Why is the only focus on the reconciliation (which is important I wont deny that) when other things also have to be done by other departments (including the Mayor) to get out of fiscal emergency?
My opinion is simple, this Mayor and some of the council members want Mr. Miles to fail so they can remove him. You want to know why? Well I'll tell you, he follows protocol, he doesn't just sign his name to things that are not within the guidelines of the state or our own legislation. He doesn't turn a blind eye on things as apparently others have. If your serious about achieving solvency work with him, not against him, have the other perople in the finance department involved in the reconciliation of the books, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that out!
And my final thought is this, with election around the corner for mayor, I remind myself who was mayor and city administrator when we went into fiscal emergency, which are the two that sit at the head of the city now just their roles are reversed, is this the experience I want? I dont think so.

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Politics not involved in firing

Silence...your point is well taken but I find ironic that Mr. VanSuch had no problem putting his son in as Litter Control personel when he was City Administrator, He has no problem letting the current gentleman who is reading water meter continue reading them even though he failed the test. Now is any of that fair???? Also Mr. VanSuch's signs read "Experience" Why dont you ask him what position he filled in the city when we went into fiscal emergency....oh wait in case he says he doesn't recall he was City Administrator under Jack Dill.....Why is the only law suit he is worried about is Mr. Jacksons when it is apparent there could be another one for meter reader.
Further more I have searched and searched the Ohio Revised Code, and absolutly no where can I find where it states that if you take a Civil Service test you are guarenteed a job! If you know where it states that please direct me to it. Such as ORC 124 etc

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Ruling supports Campbell in its firing of worker

All I can say is WOW are you serious! 1st of all the man goes to work every day, doesn't call off,meets all EPA standards, has the Dept supervisor tell the Mayor he doesn't want him let go, he meets all requirements by the state and is going to get fired??????????????
I know some people are not very good at math but no matter how you look at this is doesn't add up! Oh wait yes it does, huh how did that go? What goes around comes around, I remember some councilman saying that, about all this. Here is the best mathmatical equation I can come up with. Father Jackson didn't support Dill, nor Krino's, he kept his job. Krino's resigns, VanSuch moves up fires Jackson, brings Dill back. Thats not enough lets subtract another member of his family from the equation, it doesnt matter who says what or why they want him lets get rid of him.
Lets have a Civil Service Test, administered by someone who openly admits that they didn't have enough tests prepared so he and Dill had to make more (sounds real legit huh, I wonder) whoa wait, that doesn't add up either now does it? You have to pre register to take the test, pay the $20 fee, a few weeks before the tests. know how many people are registered before hand but you run out of the tests????????????? How on earth does that happen????????I don't know but personally, I have to wonder, were all the tests exactly the same? Did they even pertain to Mr. Jackson's job? From what I hear the meter reading exam really had not much about the job itself, just off the wall questions like how many months have 31 days!
Oh thats right, hmmm Hey Mr. Mayor what happened to the new meter reader????? Care to elaborate on that one? Or Hey mr. Mayor who is reading meters now? Did he take or pass the Civil Service Exam???? Be careful on your answers Mr. Mayor. Oh you know what, you'll probably just say "I don't recall"
All I can really say about this whole mess is this is. Donald I'm very ashamed that this city's Mayor has rewarded you for your outstanding job record, your continuance to reside in the city, and to make a living to support your family, with a bunch of Political B.S.and feels he needs to fire you.
To the so called Mayor of this city.....I think you may want to gather up your election signs, you a very misquoted on them "Because I Care" HA! Really Billy, really?????????? You care??? If you do, Do the right thing let Mr. Jackson keep his job. That will prove you care and are not a true politician but human.

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