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YSU labor leader’s pay raise is probed

Education_Voter - the contract that they got does sound like a good one. Wish I was guaranteed a raise at work. But...if you go to the Jambar's website and read the article there, you will see that he gave himself far more than what was in the contract. See the articles titled "YSU-ACE president appears guilty of deliberately inflating his pay, report alleges" and "Maldonado pay increased to $82,613 after 37 percent raise". As a graduate of YSU, I'm interested in seeing how this plays out. If something like this happened while I was paying tuition, I would have been wondering where my tuition was ending up.

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YSU labor leader’s pay raise is probed

You're right coltrane. He lied to the members too, because I'm sure he didn't tell them he was sneaking in a little extra for himself. And now they are footing his legal bill I'm sure.
Has he stepped down as union president? If he does'nt do it willingly, the members should give him a swift kick out the door. I don't see how any could ever trust this guy. What a disgrace he is. So the contract as it was was good enough for the rest of the people, but he thought he deserved more or what?

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